Beep beep!

Oh my gourd I need to renovate this space.

My layout only looks good on my laptop because I designed it based on the screen resolution of my laptop.

And no, I will neverrr design a layout with textured or colored BG anymore because I can't put up seamless photoshop doodles or photos I ps.

Like the bitter gourd image up there, look at it sitting so oddly in my blog because of the white bg of the picture. The image would look awesome, seamless if i had a white bg and not a textured one.

On to something happier.

I spent one of my last few 50 dollar notes on a beanie.


I don't really know why but I've been wanting to get one of these for quite sometime. It's weird that spending money on silly things like these make me happy.

I'm so shallow.

I choose to be. Not to say I'm not but I would rather be shallow than not. At least I make people feel smarter about themselves when they hang around me (Not that they necessarily are also).

Example, dumb blondes are always giggling and you can see how much laughter they bring to the people around them when they do silly being shallow is not necessarily a bad thing. It's just about simplifying, seeing things as they are (choosing to deliberately ignore even the most obvious of signs that require you to analyze).

Simplifying whatever goes around in your life.

My excuse for being...

just plain stupid.

and shallow.

at least I'm happy right?

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