've finally upgraded my blogger layout to the .XML template, which is much more user friendly! kontradikcion has never had dark themed layout so this is another change for it. (is my blog a he, she or it?)

I'm still trying to tweak this template a lil. Got this awesome template from btw.

Can anyone help me? I'm trying to reduce the opacity of the colored box underneath the blogpost title. You know the one that's on top of every single picture in my homepage?

Also, how to not make my pictures shrink to fit the template image holder in my homepage? I want the holder to display a cropped image of my pictures that don't meet the specifications of the placeholder. I don't want my landscape pictures to shrink like that la. So ugly. deng. Is there also a way to show a standard image if my posts don't have any images?

I used to be way more gung ho in figuring out how to get all these things working.

By the way, I'm have alot of CNY songs stuck in my head as a result of going out to the malls infested with CNY songs and hanging around people who wouldn't stop playing them haha.

Picture snapped by Ms Willing.

I shall end this post abruptly with a picture of me in a bright red outfit wishing you a Happy CNY in advance.


Yuenny said...

Willing says hiiii boss! :D ribbons ah!

Michelle Zyenn Teh said...

(Yuenny) BIADAB! I am your FATHERRR!...I meant mother...erm friend haha! Your friend who has to remind herself about ribbons. =D

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