Another one of those "what i did today" entries

I'm not done blogging btw but i scared the earlier post would be too long winded.

i'm feeling so emo today. I'm seriously broke. Almost all the $$$ that I've been saving lately have been spent...And i still got so much more to events to spend on. sigh. feel so out of control with my spending and the worst part is i haven't even been shopping O_O.

I went back to college today for an interview. Got up damn early and spent bout an hour getting ready because i was so nervous. Had to go in my formal shirts and heels because this was not something funny. This was a decision that i have been avoiding to make because i was so afraid. Stepped into career sense and the first thing on my mind was

"wow, it's so cold in here i wish i could get it over and done with asap and leave the place."

Sat around about 10 minutes, felt damn nervous before the interview but then right after i decided that it was enough of fooling around with the people reading this, i started laughing at those who actually fell for the joke and then start typing bout what happened today at college.

*tries as hard as possible to hold laughter*


Well, i didn't exactly go back to college today but i went on the same route and near our main block with granny to renew her passport.

For the first time ever, i layaned those annoying people hanging around outside the immigration centre asking you to
"take photo ar siao jie!"

Granny got her passport pictures snapped and IC photocopied then we headed into the centre. Went up the escalator and the thought that was running through my mind at that point of time was

"OHH MYYYY GOODNESSS!" can the queue get any longer?!?

It was only about 745 to 8 in the morning (ok i do admit 8 is not that early when it comes to lining up for stuff like this...ya know stuff that requires our gov servant's SERVICE) and the amount of people lining up was insane.

Why are there so many people renewing passports everyday?

Thank god for my good eyesight *cheh* and functioning brain*cough* i saw that notice near the escalator stating that senior citizens get to line up at a special counter and also thank god they haven't started giving out numbers yet. So we strut right into the main entrance skipping the long ass queue and walked towards the "special counters" only to realize that there is another entrance right in front of those 2 special counters *malu*.

We were number 7 among the senior citizens and children there waiting to renew/issue passports. Paid up by 830 and i showed granny around the place. While i was leading her to Ali Maju...

are you sure here got food? Last time i been here no food one
hello? i study here la poh...

we stopped by Giant to...walk walk ahaha! went by the barbecue section and i don't know why i just felt excited. I wanna Barbecue somemore! Looking forward to the next bbq that boogene and i will be attended *giggles*

Brought her to Ali Maju and i wanted to introduce her to the Maggi Mee Goreng there because it's the best I've tasted thus far. However, she didn't want the Maggi Goreng and opted for instead. Our food came and as usual, i started squeezing the lime dry onto my Maggi Mwahaha! Her Mee Goreng was freaking spicy and i kept telling her not to finish it but she kept going on and on. In the end, she left bout 3 quarter of the Mee Goreng and ordered a piece of Roti Telur. That fella who took our order again stared at us for a few seconds looking damn blur...

*stone* er...*making that expression Belle showed to the Beast in that Video in one of the previous entries that says "can u eat thatttt much?"* Bungkus ar?
*damn cannot stand him tone of voice* makan sini.

i know this sounds normal but Gosh that stare of his! makes me feel like squeezing and squirting all the lime juice in his eyes. It was damn annoying.

This fella was the same guy who took our order when i was there with the college bunch weeks back. I was the one telling him all our orders that day. Halfway through the meal, fung min called over the phone to order her food before she was gonna reach and this same fella took the order from me gave me that Stupid Freaking stare again that says

"Wahh u gonna eat so much???"

when that wasn't even MY order. stupid fella.

When the roti telur came and my Grandmother asked for serviettes, that fella gave us that stupid stare of his again! this time saying...

"Why are you so freaking hard to please?"

He didn't even acknowledge what my grandma said and just walked off serving other people but he did come back like 3 minutes later with some serviettes. blergh.

Chilled around the place and showed grandma around the mainblock after our meal and then we returned to the immigration centre to collect the passport. I didn't know we could collect it the same day now, 2 hours after paying up. Well, there seems to be some improvements.

Got everything done by 11 and was supposed to meet dad at McDs to send us back.

On the way to McDs

Are you sure you are going the correct way? the McDs sign is here what!
i study here laaaaaaaa pohhhhhhhhh

End of story.

p/s Suddenly thought of something funny the speaker at church mentioned last Sunday.

I was listening to the speaker with my eyes closed that day. :P

"My wife has been nagging me all my life to push the chair back underneath the table after i seat on it. She has CDO....

at this point of time i thought, eyh its OCD la pleasee *cheh psycho student here ok*

...Obsessive Compulsive Disorder But the alphabets have got to be in order, Thus C-D-O"

i burst out laughing so loud i think those sitting beside me must have thought i was psychotic. Hahah I can't help it! Za dou..
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take 5

i just realize i got tagged by Jon Sern, EWwwwwwwww Eu Jon Sern :D

5 things found in your bag

- compact powder
- lip stuff
- mobile phone
- chewing gum
- facial tissue

5 things found in your purse/wallet
- cash (this i wish i could find more)
- Ic/ driver's license
- Pictures (sticker photos, b<3z pictures, *our passport pics, student id)
- privilege cards
- namecards i made for a donkee

5 favourite things in your room

- Sephantina no. 4
- My comforter
- The Alarm clock (love hate relationship)
- Phone charger
- My bags lying all over the place haha

5 things you've always wanted to do

- Skinny dipping!
- Spend money disgusting-ly mwwahaha
- Clean that room...
- Go to a strip club mwahaha
- read minds :P

5 things you are currently into
- Desperately desperate for catching up with desperate housewives
- BBQ!
- My hair
- Coooking :D
- Sleeping (goodness, i finally remember how sleeping feels)

5 People you tag

as usual those who will (never) do this.
- kenny sia
- joyce wong
- xia xue
- dawn yang
- ringo tan

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Jakun-ness. An Offer, a great one.

*for maximum comfort of reading the crap below pls scroll down to both the vids and hit the "play" button followed by the "pause" button before proceeding on further with the crap*

First timers, amateurs, or noobs have one thing in common.

They act Jakun-like when being in novel situations or performing certain tasks they have not much experience in.

I've been in many situations where i feel like a jakun and this time, i have the camera to snap that moment down.

Last Monday, went down town with baybee to receive our prize from KFC for a contest we participated in.

so yeah we found our way to the building and was searching for a place to park. We passed by this two entrance/exits that looks like those places were lorries unload their...load and soon we saw a bigass PARKING sign at the end of that narrow lane (yay we are so smart). Then, as we looked closer, we spotted another sign saying that visitors are supposed to park at LEVEL 4 of the building (yay we are sooo observant), but there wasn't any entrance to parking bays on the higher levels, only those to the basement were available.

Confused...we consulted this potato-disguised-as-a-man, with-4-limbs and dressed-to-look-somewhat-like-a-guard-figure, however, he seemed like he was unable to speak properly, or maybe he didn't understand us.

excuse me, where are we supposed to park
awee baa baaa booom Uh huh? huh? amistupid? *points to the bigass PARKING sign i was talking about making us look like idiots*
It says that area is only available for season parkers. How do we get to the visitor's parking?
Blaa blaa bOom your mother and your father look cute together? err jalan jalan...*continues pointing*
erm, okay..*tak syok must try to communicate to potato again*
Parking pelawat kat mane?
nanananana spice up your life! *continues being a potato*

at this point of time i could see ?????????????????????????????????????s forming a nice halo over his head without further forcing the potato-disguised-as-not-only-a-man-but-a-guard-who-was-supposed-to-help-jakun-patrons-to-the-kfc-tower to try to communicate to us, we let him go and just move towards the entrance of the season parking area even though we could clearly see that it was not meant for us since there was a Hilux behind us waiting (booo not very smart already) . Just when we were about to enter the area, a guy came up to us and stopped us.

Hey u good looking couple in that sexy ride guys, visitor's parking is at level 4 =)
Oh, yeah we were asking the guard how to get to level four.
Use the lift there okay :)
*z y e n n gets excited and e n e g u e gets frustrated cos he has reverse out to that narrow lane again* thanks =)

we turned around instead of reversing and we saw this


*imaginary audience goes : oh... o_O*

hmm u don't seem to be! you may hit the play button now.

i don't know what happened to my camera, it cut my vid!

haha jakun yea? I guess i don't need to elaborate the process in between the time where we entered the parking elevator and reach our bay, right? By the way this is how the parking elevator looks from level 4 in case if you are as *cough*jakun*cough* as me.

There aren' t any other exits from this level to the building!

so yeah, me (us hehe =h) being jakun. Not something you see everyday okay? *maintain*

*clears throat*

Collected our prize and headed of to his drummer's place, followed him for a Jamming session.

By the way, 2nd May, Wednesday, 9pm Jam Asia, Hartamas REMEMBER? =D

(today 6 enough la! :p)

So....what did we get?
Guess la!

It's sexy.It's light. It takes pictures. It allows you to listen to music, it's got gigi biru. I'm sure you've guessed it by now. YES It's a phone..................that flips!

pretty sexy phone i must say.

Check out some of the features


- Tri-band (900/1800/1900MHz)
- VGA Camera (4x Digital Zoom)

- 65,000 color TFT screen

- Music Player (MP3/AAC/AAC+/WMA)

- Bluetooth Wireless Technology

- 40 Polyphonic Ringtones

- External Memory Support
- FM Radio

good picture quality (sufficiently clear images for a VGA), external storage memory for your sexy music/pictures, functions as an MP3 player, sleek and spicy hawt looking. nice.

However, we don't exactly need a phone right now. I know i lost my phone earlier la silly but I'm using another phone.

so, we decided to put it up for sale. Checked the market price, the range is around RM590.

BUT........We are gonna offer it to interested buyers at RM 530!!! price is negotiable.

however, unreasonable offers will not be entertained.

Honestly, i do think this is one decently priced phone within it's level of function, features and looks.

come la lets take a better look at it (pictures courtesy of baybee)

*and everybody goes woooooooooo~*

The package comes with the ORIGINAL certificate of warranty, user manual, charger, headphones, battery, mobile phone.

Seriously guys, if any of you/relatives/friends are interested, do drop me an email at, give me a call (my number is still the same), or simply just leave a msg :)

i repeat, we are gonna offer it to interested buyers at RM 530!!!

Ok i'm done for the time being, take care u all! weee~

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dumb blonde

ai yam officiaree a damm bronde

ho ho ho.
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Razorlight - Golden Touch

Razorlight - Golden Touch

I know a girl with the golden touch

She's got enough, she's got too much

But i know, you wouldn't mind

You could have it all if you wanted

You could have it all if it mattered so much

But then all they know is how to put you down

When you're there, they're your friend

But then when you're not around

They say, 'Oh,she is changed'

You know what they mean

well they mean,they're just jealous

Because they never do the things

That they wish that they could do so well

That kind of girl, yeah she's never alone

You leave a thousand messages on her phone

But you know you never get through

You could have it all if you wanted

You can have it all, if it matters to you

Because all, they know is how to put you down

When you're there, they're your friend,then

When you're not around

They say, 'Oh, she is changed'

Oh you know what that means

Well it means they're just jealous

because they never do the things

That they wish that they could do so well

I saw my girl with the golden touch

Give me a taste but not too much

I never listen to the words of fools

well well hey oh

you won't get it that way

but don't ask for too much

you're gonna need your golden touch

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Knowa's first gig

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Gayton and friend's backside boys

ROFL!! put 3 guys together with a video camera this is what you get. hahaha It's their assignment for Intro to Film Studies ok! Recognize one of the guys in there?

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Baybee's 21st birthday gathering at home

*lets out a bigass sigh of relief* I'm finally done editing those pics from the boyfriend's partay *woot*

Now i'm left with the other celebration's pics...and somemore...NVM i'll have another week for me to waste =D

Before we go into the pics, this is one pic of shan and i that i have yet to post up :D it's taken during our last girly outing...when are we doing it again shan?


Ok now the partay pics. (i can't believe i wasted so much time on these)

On 31st of March 2007, relatives and friends of Eugene San to The Mun Shaik aka my baybee were invited to his lil crib for dinner and dance *Cheh* i mean to gather together to celebrate his 21st birthday :)

I remember it was pouring at bout 7 and my heels were all soaked up..i was so worried it would get spoil...

, we got some awesome food served. The Laksa Johor loves visiting me and my taste buds in my dreams from time to time since that night. It's fusion laksa cos the noodles were actually spaghetti *rubs tummy* i want!!!!

His relatives were really friendly. Hehehe. Well, here are some of his closer friends whom he invited that night.

We have erinn and jonz his good ol buddies.

Fiona, Van and Adrian, his hang out kakis. The other two members of this "gang" of his left earlier, before the picture session. *aww*

It all started when...

erinn and i took our first shot. If you're observant enough, i wasn't wearing my contacts on my left eye. The lens was making my eye hurt so badly i ran up and down to the loo to check/recheck/adjust/readjust it and in the end remove it. Ruined my make up because i was tearing also. :( back to the pics.

They are all very tall people. Even i feel short standing next to them *sigh*. Love this picture of the 4 of us.

Lastly, a group shot to end it all. =) *phew* finally done with all the pictures.



(told you i'm obsessed with lining up those ***s)

z y e n n camwhores with the birthday boy!

and erinn! i heart this woman because she has a "zhu" and a "-" in her name too hahahaha Nayh its more of because we are so similar in our thoughts :)

More camwhoring action! We were supposed to reverse roles, the guys and the girls...but i don't see any difference.

camwhoring is like medication to the soul you know. It makes people happy....

It also makes some people...erm...*cough* no comment *cough*

But of course for camwhores (like us) to fully explore our potential and get the best out of camwhoring, we need tripods!

Because with tripods, we can go wild like this.

We were all really happy you see :) it's not very often you get to see baybee so cheeky hehe

But as always, the fun has to come to an end. boohoho. I had Psychology Colloquium the next day where i was supposed to have 2 presentations and reach HELP!!! at 8! so yeah, everyone had to go home at about 1? or was it 2? because of me :( so pancung i know.

It was so pancung-ing that even Adrian's car refused to leave the place.

Everyone was stressing out because it was quite late already. However....

We snapped some more pictures while waiting! so evil.

Erinn and Jonz left soon and Baybee sent me home before going with the rest in the car to get some petrol because the final and most suitable diagnosis for the car was that IT RAN OUT OF GAS.

and true enough, the car was low on gas hahaha. Benzin is petrol in German. There was even a song dedicated to petrol in German. hahaha

On the way back to my place, we saw this....

Pokok tumbang oh. Pity the owner of those cars.


pictures of us.

and now i can finally say....The End.
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it's been awhile since i got to wake up at 12, laze around the whole day, eat anything anytime i want to...continue lazing around and sleep again. Yups, the holidays are here! but not for let's hope z y e n n will spend this next 2 weeks will be spent "wisely" (depends on how u interpret the word)

This post will be separated into 3 parts. First, the bimbo stuff then some brief updates/teasers and in the end something..funny i suppose.

Yeahnewaes, (this point on will be full of bimbo crap)

bout that hair issue, I still haven't decided! feel so tempted to just curl it back but a lot of people tell me straight hair suites me better...decisions decisions decisions. BAH.

another bimbo issue. my cosmetics have been starting to get on my nerves, i need new ones. Gonna be cosmetics hunting this hols if i ever step into malls.

dreaming about "Diva" is making me nuts. my legs go weak whenever i enter that shop! *squeals* argh just wanna bring all the accessories there home and swim in all those charming necklaces, rings, hairbands, earrings...sigh

things to shop around currently include
- clothes (i lack clothes.)
- jeans!
- bagSSS (preferably a handbag and one suitable for uni)
- accessories
- shoes ( these i lack very seriousfreakingly)
- a new laptop (to alleviate my suffering from using this laptop now)
- a new phone
- other new gadgets (ie cameras) *drool*
bimbo crap ends.

Some updates now,

I cannot seem to control my appetite, i eat so much i can beat the "beast" in the vid below flat.

would love to post some of those shitload of pics up but the laptop is not exactly behaving. Photoshop and my camera are also testing my patience.

Besides that, I've been slowly catching up on sleep but i still find it hard to remain asleep for 7 hours continuously. I normally sleep and awake a few hours later then try to sleep again. I actually sleep more than 7 hours if totaled up but its bad sleep for me and i gotta try fix it these few days.

The friday after exam, dined at D'fortune with the Uni mates. Had Lamb Shank and shared some salmon cheese roll. The Lamb was so so but the Salmon rolls were good (and its making me dream of it). Went grocery shopping after that. Have i ever mentioned i love grocery shopping in Hypermarkets? Had fun there :)

After the grocery shopping was preparation of food for the Barbeque night at JonSern's the next day. Got home bout 10? and started working on the food. It was my first time making mash potatoes and marinating chicken wings so i was a lil excited, yet worried bout how it would turn out. Got everything done by 2, was so exhausted but i was still happy i got everything done. I was so excited i carried the bigass bowl of marinated wing around the house (from the kitchen to the hall to the rooms) to show daddy and mummy the wings and made my brother test the mash potatos ok! *inserts blushing emoticon*

( i wanna post the picture of those wings but i'm too lazy to transfer the pic from my cam right now)

in fact, i'm too lazy to even continue updating without any pictorials. BRGH.

skip! (will get back to this)

The final and last part of this entry.

Now, a penguin sent the first vid to a donkee and that donkee sent that to his doinkee, the doinkee then explored more of those vids and decided to post them up for laughs.

(only for the canto literate...or if u wish to play the guessing game along the vids/improve your canto/watch just for the sake of it)

i actually can't make out some of the colloquial terms used but it was funny nevertheless.

the story from belle then led onto cinderella

what about snow white?

sleeping beauty also speaks canto!

Do you believe in Fairy tales now? *rofl*

feel quite lame puttin up so many vids.

[edited: i just realized donkee posted up not only the one he sent me but the other vids too before i did *poke*]

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me is stressed.

me does not have enough time to study everything that me is supposed to because me wasted a lot of time the past 2 days.

me is guilty. me no deserve no sympathy. stupid stupid me. me needs to concentrate.

me misses Mr Weeble....=~(
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when i should be studying

I've wasted the whole day doing nothing but eat, talk on the phone and watch tv.

I've been stuffing myself a lot these days...and when i say stuff, i mean STUFFFff. i will not include in here the Stuff i've been Stuffing myself with.

speaking of the word "stuff", kinda thought of one of my lecturers going on and on about people with Poor English over generalizing the word "stuff". It's true what he said but being an ex-pastor, i thought he would..u noe, mind his language when telling that to the class. Some of the words he used could be quite hurtful, especially to those who so unfortunately kena his Plagiarism shit cos of their slightly-no-so-strong command of English. I feel for them even when i do *guilty* make fun of people who speak not-so-good engrand or write not-so-well engrand...*malu*

anyways, gonna be having a cup of pineapple stuffed rambutans in syrup later (will be my third this week).

On a totally unrelated note,

i wanna dye my hair. perm it. just do something with it! any suggestions? I'm afraid to go perm it again cos of a bad experience, but i want it curly wurly.

like this *point point*

love the hair color too

i don't know who this celeb is but i love her hair! Vida Guerra is her name.

Besides that, i love Diana ross' Afro look too but i doubt i can pull off this look haha

ooo check out her bigass mane back in...i dunno when.

i just miss having my longass mane. *sigh*

Oh btw i googled "big curls, hairstyle" and i found some pictures that will haunt me in my sleep. (maybe its a sign that i should be studying)

purple hair.......................and nipple (this picture will make even those who love purple HATE the color)

Lil' Kim in da house y'all *gags*

now this is the best.

this doesn't look too scary huh?

try this


It reminds me of those Sabotage vids where the early scenes are some normal/cute/provoking/sexy kinda stuff with very low volume and u'd have to max your speakers to hear whats going on...and outta no where U'd see some monsters/gross stuff (something like that pic) *points to top* accompanied with a LOUD screaming sound. hahHHAha too bad i don't have my ka-changs (photoshop) with me or i'll edit that pic to make it look much......better *bwahhaha*

*shivers while staring at the pic again* I don't know bout u but I'm outta here.

OPTREX!!!! *cries*

i'm obviously obsessed with lining up the ********s ...pls forgive me.

oh and if anything in this entry was offensive to anyone at all, i'll apologize...and all that stuff la...ok? bwahahaha o=)
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APRIL 7th 2006.

i will never forget this day.

First, the phone got stolen.

THEN, then laptop died right before i got to backup my assignment, which was done halfway.

thank god i haven't started on this other assignment that i intended to do last night but didn't...

procrastination is not all that bad after all i guess.

this sucks la
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my middle name is stupid

sometimes i'm quite stupid wan lo...

just a note to my friends...don't b surprised if you can't reach me through my hand phone.

my line has been temporarily suspended.

because of my stupidity.

u see...

1130 a.m.
*enters classroom with belongings of friends and myself* conversation between some friends and i

stupid me: why on earth are the doors not locked? i thought they lock the doors?
friend 1: thats why...i thought they locked it but last week when i came back and check, my video camera was lying there not even in the case.
i think i should bring my phone with me *tries stuffing fat phone in pocket* BAhh can't fit la...*replied msg from erinn* can i put my bag in your car?
can but the keys are with XXX and they are over there (quite a distance)
Oh, aiyah nvm then.
friend 2: if anything gets missing, the last person in the room will get blamed.
yeah so lets go first.

about 12-ish *enters classroom again*
what the. phone was no longer tugged in my bag between my bottle and wallet.

i'm such an idiot la. All i know is that my phone was confirm targeted because the bags besides mine with cameras, phones and loads of cash were not touched.

quote from a guy friend "women and their six sense, scary"

got instinct and signs la but it's not like i made use of it also....stupid stupid stupid.

the person who stole my phone dare dare went and call boogene summore....but hung up before he could answer. i'm guessing it's cause he/she doesn't know how to use my phone and accidentally made a call to the last call on my list. Besides that, that person didn't even off the phone or was still ringing...confirm dunno how to off it la.

aiyoh. dunno how to use people's phone don't simply take least be smarter to throw my sim card away like the previous fella who stole my Alcatel 511 back when i was in Form 3. Djians are still smarter la. Btw, it was the first ever phone with polyphonic ring tones. I was furious when it got stolen because it was a day after my birthday, even my birthday present that soo wen, vat and gang got me got stolen before it even reached my hands. stupid.

i would normally curse whoever stole my phone till he can't even walk out of the house without having to step on dog poo. But this time, i acknowledge it's my fault for taking things for granted and i can't blame the fella for having at least some taste in phones la right? aih...but i pity that person.


1) my middle name is stupid.
2) i have some sort of sixth sense but I'm too stupid to use it because *refer to 1*
3) Djians are smarter than La salle-ians

*boinks head with sephantina* :(
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Friendster vs Myspace

Just when u thought Friendster users abuse the Testimonial and comment section....

here are the kind of comments i got from Myspace users. Behold, the kind of testimonials/comments you will be getting on Friendster soon.

XXXXX^^'s Comment:

"Let me tell you something that is on most girls minds but they won't tell you that size maters or will they?
I am telling you this because it is the honest truth, look I should know, they say that it is all in the way you use it, not how big it is, well I got news for you all, that is pure lies.
I know from personal experience, I will tell you about a secret that Joey has made me promise to never ever tell anyone, but since he has not called me in three weeks after standing me up, I am going to break the promise and tell you how he went from having a tiny wang and in 4 months he is now about nine inches and get this, it is still getting bigger. He has been secretly taking grow pills from this site, copy and paste the address into your browser to see them. MTEARS.COM
I found out when I was at his house, three fridays ago, we were getting ready to go to the mall, so while he was in the shower, I went in his room, sneeked under his bed and found a box with pill bottles in it, there was like 9 full bottles and 4 empty ones, all ordered from MTEARS.COM I was laughing at first but then when he came in the room and caught me looking at them, he freaked out and made me sware to not ever tell anyone about them, especially girls from school or work that he has been dating for the past while, now that I think of it, he has been rather busy with all the popular girls around here, when just last year he was the shyest when it came to girls.
I just never put two and two together until he explained it all to me, I did see his prick and yes, it is huge, pronostar huge, the thickest and longest one I ever seen.
I know this sounds really shallow, but I am considering ordering 6 bottles from the website at MTEARS.COM for you know who.. he does not have a myspace account, so he is not gonna see this. They guarentee that the pills will work on any man, or they give you your money back, living proof that they do work on any guy, seeing is believing. MTEARS.COM

YYYY's comment:








*rolls on floor laughing*
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i cannot take it anymore!!!

the night will be spent being AWAKE doing assignments...yet again. This time i have not one ass due, nor do i have two due the next day....but 4! four! empat! Sei! Si!

*smacks self for procrastinating*

well, actually some of em are due Friday but i don't wanna get back to HELP just to hand in my asses on a Friday that i could spend...........................................completing yet another assignment.

my life is just lovely. =)

this is a pic of my kinky penguin friend and i that was taken recently *grins*

supposed to be on a hiatus...but my fingers are itching. no, literally!something is up with the skin on one of my fingers....Arghh why the heck am i telling y'all that? Ok. see y'all! *waves bye bye to imaginary audience*

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