Jakun-ness. An Offer, a great one.

*for maximum comfort of reading the crap below pls scroll down to both the vids and hit the "play" button followed by the "pause" button before proceeding on further with the crap*

First timers, amateurs, or noobs have one thing in common.

They act Jakun-like when being in novel situations or performing certain tasks they have not much experience in.

I've been in many situations where i feel like a jakun and this time, i have the camera to snap that moment down.

Last Monday, went down town with baybee to receive our prize from KFC for a contest we participated in.

so yeah we found our way to the building and was searching for a place to park. We passed by this two entrance/exits that looks like those places were lorries unload their...load and soon we saw a bigass PARKING sign at the end of that narrow lane (yay we are so smart). Then, as we looked closer, we spotted another sign saying that visitors are supposed to park at LEVEL 4 of the building (yay we are sooo observant), but there wasn't any entrance to parking bays on the higher levels, only those to the basement were available.

Confused...we consulted this potato-disguised-as-a-man, with-4-limbs and dressed-to-look-somewhat-like-a-guard-figure, however, he seemed like he was unable to speak properly, or maybe he didn't understand us.

excuse me, where are we supposed to park
awee baa baaa booom Uh huh? huh? amistupid? *points to the bigass PARKING sign i was talking about making us look like idiots*
It says that area is only available for season parkers. How do we get to the visitor's parking?
Blaa blaa bOom your mother and your father look cute together? err jalan jalan...*continues pointing*
erm, okay..*tak syok must try to communicate to potato again*
Parking pelawat kat mane?
nanananana spice up your life! *continues being a potato*

at this point of time i could see ?????????????????????????????????????s forming a nice halo over his head already...so without further forcing the potato-disguised-as-not-only-a-man-but-a-guard-who-was-supposed-to-help-jakun-patrons-to-the-kfc-tower to try to communicate to us, we let him go and just move towards the entrance of the season parking area even though we could clearly see that it was not meant for us since there was a Hilux behind us waiting (booo not very smart already) . Just when we were about to enter the area, a guy came up to us and stopped us.

Hey u good looking couple in that sexy ride guys, visitor's parking is at level 4 =)
Oh, yeah we were asking the guard how to get to level four.
Use the lift there okay :)
*z y e n n gets excited and e n e g u e gets frustrated cos he has reverse out to that narrow lane again* thanks =)

we turned around instead of reversing and we saw this


*imaginary audience goes : oh... o_O*

hmm u don't seem to be excited...watch! you may hit the play button now.

i don't know what happened to my camera, it cut my vid!

haha jakun yea? I guess i don't need to elaborate the process in between the time where we entered the parking elevator and reach our bay, right? By the way this is how the parking elevator looks from level 4 in case if you are as *cough*jakun*cough* as me.

There aren' t any other exits from this level to the building!

so yeah, me (us hehe =h) being jakun. Not something you see everyday okay? *maintain*

*clears throat*

Collected our prize and headed of to his drummer's place, followed him for a Jamming session.

By the way, 2nd May, Wednesday, 9pm Jam Asia, Hartamas REMEMBER? =D

(today 6 enough la! :p)

So....what did we get?
Guess la!

It's sexy.It's light. It takes pictures. It allows you to listen to music, it's got gigi biru. I'm sure you've guessed it by now. YES It's a phone..................that flips!

pretty sexy phone i must say.

Check out some of the features


- Tri-band (900/1800/1900MHz)
- VGA Camera (4x Digital Zoom)

- 65,000 color TFT screen

- Music Player (MP3/AAC/AAC+/WMA)

- Bluetooth Wireless Technology

- 40 Polyphonic Ringtones

- External Memory Support
- FM Radio

good picture quality (sufficiently clear images for a VGA), external storage memory for your sexy music/pictures, functions as an MP3 player, sleek and spicy hawt looking. nice.

However, we don't exactly need a phone right now. I know i lost my phone earlier la silly but I'm using another phone.

so, we decided to put it up for sale. Checked the market price, the range is around RM590.

BUT........We are gonna offer it to interested buyers at RM 530!!! price is negotiable.

however, unreasonable offers will not be entertained.

Honestly, i do think this is one decently priced phone within it's level of function, features and looks.

come la lets take a better look at it (pictures courtesy of baybee)

*and everybody goes woooooooooo~*

The package comes with the ORIGINAL certificate of warranty, user manual, charger, headphones, battery, mobile phone.

Seriously guys, if any of you/relatives/friends are interested, do drop me an email at tzyenn@gmail.com, give me a call (my number is still the same), or simply just leave a msg :)

i repeat, we are gonna offer it to interested buyers at RM 530!!!

Ok i'm done for the time being, take care u all! weee~

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