my middle name is stupid

sometimes i'm quite stupid wan lo...

just a note to my friends...don't b surprised if you can't reach me through my hand phone.

my line has been temporarily suspended.

because of my stupidity.

u see...

1130 a.m.
*enters classroom with belongings of friends and myself* conversation between some friends and i

stupid me: why on earth are the doors not locked? i thought they lock the doors?
friend 1: thats why...i thought they locked it but last week when i came back and check, my video camera was lying there not even in the case.
i think i should bring my phone with me *tries stuffing fat phone in pocket* BAhh can't fit la...*replied msg from erinn* can i put my bag in your car?
can but the keys are with XXX and they are over there (quite a distance)
Oh, aiyah nvm then.
friend 2: if anything gets missing, the last person in the room will get blamed.
yeah so lets go first.

about 12-ish *enters classroom again*
what the. phone was no longer tugged in my bag between my bottle and wallet.

i'm such an idiot la. All i know is that my phone was confirm targeted because the bags besides mine with cameras, phones and loads of cash were not touched.

quote from a guy friend "women and their six sense, scary"

got instinct and signs la but it's not like i made use of it also....stupid stupid stupid.

the person who stole my phone dare dare went and call boogene summore....but hung up before he could answer. i'm guessing it's cause he/she doesn't know how to use my phone and accidentally made a call to the last call on my list. Besides that, that person didn't even off the phone or was still ringing...confirm dunno how to off it la.

aiyoh. dunno how to use people's phone don't simply take least be smarter to throw my sim card away like the previous fella who stole my Alcatel 511 back when i was in Form 3. Djians are still smarter la. Btw, it was the first ever phone with polyphonic ring tones. I was furious when it got stolen because it was a day after my birthday, even my birthday present that soo wen, vat and gang got me got stolen before it even reached my hands. stupid.

i would normally curse whoever stole my phone till he can't even walk out of the house without having to step on dog poo. But this time, i acknowledge it's my fault for taking things for granted and i can't blame the fella for having at least some taste in phones la right? aih...but i pity that person.


1) my middle name is stupid.
2) i have some sort of sixth sense but I'm too stupid to use it because *refer to 1*
3) Djians are smarter than La salle-ians

*boinks head with sephantina* :(

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