Another one of those "what i did today" entries

I'm not done blogging btw but i scared the earlier post would be too long winded.

i'm feeling so emo today. I'm seriously broke. Almost all the $$$ that I've been saving lately have been spent...And i still got so much more to events to spend on. sigh. feel so out of control with my spending and the worst part is i haven't even been shopping O_O.

I went back to college today for an interview. Got up damn early and spent bout an hour getting ready because i was so nervous. Had to go in my formal shirts and heels because this was not something funny. This was a decision that i have been avoiding to make because i was so afraid. Stepped into career sense and the first thing on my mind was

"wow, it's so cold in here i wish i could get it over and done with asap and leave the place."

Sat around about 10 minutes, felt damn nervous before the interview but then right after i decided that it was enough of fooling around with the people reading this, i started laughing at those who actually fell for the joke and then start typing bout what happened today at college.

*tries as hard as possible to hold laughter*


Well, i didn't exactly go back to college today but i went on the same route and near our main block with granny to renew her passport.

For the first time ever, i layaned those annoying people hanging around outside the immigration centre asking you to
"take photo ar siao jie!"

Granny got her passport pictures snapped and IC photocopied then we headed into the centre. Went up the escalator and the thought that was running through my mind at that point of time was

"OHH MYYYY GOODNESSS!" can the queue get any longer?!?

It was only about 745 to 8 in the morning (ok i do admit 8 is not that early when it comes to lining up for stuff like this...ya know stuff that requires our gov servant's SERVICE) and the amount of people lining up was insane.

Why are there so many people renewing passports everyday?

Thank god for my good eyesight *cheh* and functioning brain*cough* i saw that notice near the escalator stating that senior citizens get to line up at a special counter and also thank god they haven't started giving out numbers yet. So we strut right into the main entrance skipping the long ass queue and walked towards the "special counters" only to realize that there is another entrance right in front of those 2 special counters *malu*.

We were number 7 among the senior citizens and children there waiting to renew/issue passports. Paid up by 830 and i showed granny around the place. While i was leading her to Ali Maju...

are you sure here got food? Last time i been here no food one
hello? i study here la poh...

we stopped by Giant to...walk walk ahaha! went by the barbecue section and i don't know why i just felt excited. I wanna Barbecue somemore! Looking forward to the next bbq that boogene and i will be attended *giggles*

Brought her to Ali Maju and i wanted to introduce her to the Maggi Mee Goreng there because it's the best I've tasted thus far. However, she didn't want the Maggi Goreng and opted for instead. Our food came and as usual, i started squeezing the lime dry onto my Maggi Mwahaha! Her Mee Goreng was freaking spicy and i kept telling her not to finish it but she kept going on and on. In the end, she left bout 3 quarter of the Mee Goreng and ordered a piece of Roti Telur. That fella who took our order again stared at us for a few seconds looking damn blur...

*stone* er...*making that expression Belle showed to the Beast in that Video in one of the previous entries that says "can u eat thatttt much?"* Bungkus ar?
*damn cannot stand him tone of voice* makan sini.

i know this sounds normal but Gosh that stare of his! makes me feel like squeezing and squirting all the lime juice in his eyes. It was damn annoying.

This fella was the same guy who took our order when i was there with the college bunch weeks back. I was the one telling him all our orders that day. Halfway through the meal, fung min called over the phone to order her food before she was gonna reach and this same fella took the order from me gave me that Stupid Freaking stare again that says

"Wahh u gonna eat so much???"

when that wasn't even MY order. stupid fella.

When the roti telur came and my Grandmother asked for serviettes, that fella gave us that stupid stare of his again! this time saying...

"Why are you so freaking hard to please?"

He didn't even acknowledge what my grandma said and just walked off serving other people but he did come back like 3 minutes later with some serviettes. blergh.

Chilled around the place and showed grandma around the mainblock after our meal and then we returned to the immigration centre to collect the passport. I didn't know we could collect it the same day now, 2 hours after paying up. Well, there seems to be some improvements.

Got everything done by 11 and was supposed to meet dad at McDs to send us back.

On the way to McDs

Are you sure you are going the correct way? the McDs sign is here what!
i study here laaaaaaaa pohhhhhhhhh

End of story.

p/s Suddenly thought of something funny the speaker at church mentioned last Sunday.

I was listening to the speaker with my eyes closed that day. :P

"My wife has been nagging me all my life to push the chair back underneath the table after i seat on it. She has CDO....

at this point of time i thought, eyh its OCD la pleasee *cheh psycho student here ok*

...Obsessive Compulsive Disorder But the alphabets have got to be in order, Thus C-D-O"

i burst out laughing so loud i think those sitting beside me must have thought i was psychotic. Hahah I can't help it! Za dou..

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