it's been awhile since i got to wake up at 12, laze around the whole day, eat anything anytime i want to...continue lazing around and sleep again. Yups, the holidays are here! but not for let's hope z y e n n will spend this next 2 weeks will be spent "wisely" (depends on how u interpret the word)

This post will be separated into 3 parts. First, the bimbo stuff then some brief updates/teasers and in the end something..funny i suppose.

Yeahnewaes, (this point on will be full of bimbo crap)

bout that hair issue, I still haven't decided! feel so tempted to just curl it back but a lot of people tell me straight hair suites me better...decisions decisions decisions. BAH.

another bimbo issue. my cosmetics have been starting to get on my nerves, i need new ones. Gonna be cosmetics hunting this hols if i ever step into malls.

dreaming about "Diva" is making me nuts. my legs go weak whenever i enter that shop! *squeals* argh just wanna bring all the accessories there home and swim in all those charming necklaces, rings, hairbands, earrings...sigh

things to shop around currently include
- clothes (i lack clothes.)
- jeans!
- bagSSS (preferably a handbag and one suitable for uni)
- accessories
- shoes ( these i lack very seriousfreakingly)
- a new laptop (to alleviate my suffering from using this laptop now)
- a new phone
- other new gadgets (ie cameras) *drool*
bimbo crap ends.

Some updates now,

I cannot seem to control my appetite, i eat so much i can beat the "beast" in the vid below flat.

would love to post some of those shitload of pics up but the laptop is not exactly behaving. Photoshop and my camera are also testing my patience.

Besides that, I've been slowly catching up on sleep but i still find it hard to remain asleep for 7 hours continuously. I normally sleep and awake a few hours later then try to sleep again. I actually sleep more than 7 hours if totaled up but its bad sleep for me and i gotta try fix it these few days.

The friday after exam, dined at D'fortune with the Uni mates. Had Lamb Shank and shared some salmon cheese roll. The Lamb was so so but the Salmon rolls were good (and its making me dream of it). Went grocery shopping after that. Have i ever mentioned i love grocery shopping in Hypermarkets? Had fun there :)

After the grocery shopping was preparation of food for the Barbeque night at JonSern's the next day. Got home bout 10? and started working on the food. It was my first time making mash potatoes and marinating chicken wings so i was a lil excited, yet worried bout how it would turn out. Got everything done by 2, was so exhausted but i was still happy i got everything done. I was so excited i carried the bigass bowl of marinated wing around the house (from the kitchen to the hall to the rooms) to show daddy and mummy the wings and made my brother test the mash potatos ok! *inserts blushing emoticon*

( i wanna post the picture of those wings but i'm too lazy to transfer the pic from my cam right now)

in fact, i'm too lazy to even continue updating without any pictorials. BRGH.

skip! (will get back to this)

The final and last part of this entry.

Now, a penguin sent the first vid to a donkee and that donkee sent that to his doinkee, the doinkee then explored more of those vids and decided to post them up for laughs.

(only for the canto literate...or if u wish to play the guessing game along the vids/improve your canto/watch just for the sake of it)

i actually can't make out some of the colloquial terms used but it was funny nevertheless.

the story from belle then led onto cinderella

what about snow white?

sleeping beauty also speaks canto!

Do you believe in Fairy tales now? *rofl*

feel quite lame puttin up so many vids.

[edited: i just realized donkee posted up not only the one he sent me but the other vids too before i did *poke*]

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