take 5

i just realize i got tagged by Jon Sern, EWwwwwwwww Eu Jon Sern :D

5 things found in your bag

- compact powder
- lip stuff
- mobile phone
- chewing gum
- facial tissue

5 things found in your purse/wallet
- cash (this i wish i could find more)
- Ic/ driver's license
- Pictures (sticker photos, b<3z pictures, *our passport pics, student id)
- privilege cards
- namecards i made for a donkee

5 favourite things in your room

- Sephantina no. 4
- My comforter
- The Alarm clock (love hate relationship)
- Phone charger
- My bags lying all over the place haha

5 things you've always wanted to do

- Skinny dipping!
- Spend money disgusting-ly mwwahaha
- Clean that room...
- Go to a strip club mwahaha
- read minds :P

5 things you are currently into
- Desperately desperate for catching up with desperate housewives
- BBQ!
- My hair
- Coooking :D
- Sleeping (goodness, i finally remember how sleeping feels)

5 People you tag

as usual those who will (never) do this.
- kenny sia
- joyce wong
- xia xue
- dawn yang
- ringo tan


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