nude mamas

I'm sure u guys have heard about Britney posing nude for Harper's.

And today was reading about Angelina Jolie going to pose nude as i can't wait to see angelina naked and fat..mwahahaha :P

Anyways i thik Britney looks awesome in the pics..eventhough shes pregnant...and even though i do not like Britney...i think she looks hmm somewhat sexy. And when i say sexy i mean check out that curve on her ass...pretty. Can't stand her face in the pics though...

imagine if u were the kid and 10 years later (i assume that kids would only start to feel shy walkin around naked at that age and i assume britney wouldn't openly parade her nude pregnant pics to her offsprings) u find a nude and perfectly photoshopped pic of your mum on the cover of a magazine 10 years would u feel? hmmm...imagine Britney explaining to her kid about her nude pics..

Britney : lil xxx come check out some old pics of mama

XXX : Mummy!! u look so pretty!! but y aren't there any clothes on u?? and why do u look so fat??

Britney : Oh my dear, mummy was just posing nude for Harper's Bazaar when i was 6 months pregnant with's really an honour u know? and why i looked so fat? That's because i was pregnant with u...u were in mummy's other word u wrer actually posing with mummy! :)

XXX : Ohhh...*continues staring at naked mum*

Britney : Dear, u should be proud u know? your brother didn't even get the chance to pose nude with mummy for a mag cover :)

XXX : OOOo!!! Reallyy?!?! weee~!!! Thanx Mummy, u made me feel so proud of myself!!!

Britney : Seee your brother didn't even get the chance for mummy to pose with him naked :D

omg...I would feel so weird if i was the child...(i love the dress!!!)

anyways heres another pregnant nude celeb pic i found. Its Demi Moore.. i wonder how many months pregnant was she at that time?


haha enough abut hot mamas. Time for me to rant a lil...

Attended our first experiment of the semester. I gotta say that this was the most boring experiment that i'e participated in. -_- It was so boring im not even gna waste time talking about it.

LLS tutorials for this week was fun! We played a lil game of traffic jam where strategizing and leadership skills were in need in every player.

Basically there were 7 players sitted on each side facing each other, the yellow spot was an empty chair. The whole objective of the game is for the player at each side to more in the direction of where the arrow is pointing (can't move backwards) and have everyone on one side be transfered to the other side. So at the end of the game, the player at the pink spot with the blue X mark would be sitted at the purple spot with the blue X mark ans vice versa. Conditions of the game is there can only be one player moving at one time. a player could only move (in the direction of the arrow) one empty seat next to him/her OR skip the player next to him/her to end up at the empty seat.

X could move either to the "star" if it is empty or to the "tick" seat if it is empty and when the "star"seat is not.

we couldn't succeed in getting everyone across to the other side but we were close! The tutor then showed us a solution to this game and everyone then tried out the steps and finally reached the other side of the isle.

Overall the game was fun!!! but it would have been better if there weren't any annoying Johor Langs to keep speaking up JUSttt For the sake of making noise and trying to sound smart.

Grrr during last week's tutorials, i so happen to have ended up in the same discussion group as him. i TTttried to nottt judge him and tried being nice to him cos after all he seems like a nice guy who just happened to have went to the wrong salon and got the wrong stylist to colored his hair with the wrongg color and giving him the Wronggg hair cut. In addition to that, i also tried to tolerate with him speaking English because he was from Johor. Fine la give chance...Until today's tutorial...-__- lala Johor lang just had to be in the same discussion group as me again...and he just had to sit beside me. NVM about that la ok...give chance cos from Johor ok...BUT my tolerance level really had reach its max when at one moment he laughed so hard at i duno what and he smacked my thigh. -__- ok let me rephrase, he hit my thigh with the back of his hand. I do not know if it was intentional whether he was trying to get me to laugh with him or really just an accident, BUT i WASN'T happy about that. blergh. Ok let me jut assume that it was unintentional. Give somemore chance ok..Johor Lang. Then, he started laughing somemore about i forgot what and lifted both his arms up and supporting his head from the back while laughing. Ok thank goodness i did not smell any BO....but then again how cosiderate can u be lifting your arms up high in an already packed discussion area where there are people sitted quite near u??? ERGHHH...annoying the shit outta me.

So sorry ok lala Johor lang, whether or not u did what u did on purpose or not, thinking you're making sense of what u say in class or simply just trying to get attention, i officially cannot stand u.
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get off that swing, mood

Feeling a lil odd lately. Im fine when im around people but when im alone, those irrational...uncomfortable...stupid...negative thoughts will start fillin my brain up. I'll then start confusing myself, contradicting myself, mind-fucking myself (mind-fucked term stolen from kenny sia). Hmmmm...

i remember last year during counsellng sessions with Tom, i mentioned to him that I'm always feeling very demotivated cos of the routine life that I've to go through everyday. He then gave me some great advice and i was starting to feel more motivated..but not for long. It's not Tom...It' is odd

during the last LLS lectures, i was actually listening to Franklin talking about the qualities of a leader, one of it is mindfulness...Then he started giving examples, talking about how some people could be living their lives, doing what they do..just for the sake of doing it and not taking the initiative to ponder about why they are doing what they do, and i could relate so well to the examples that he was giving. It worries me =S

WHY WhY WHY WHY WHY ???? *scratch head*

bla bla bla

Enough about feeling emo...*holds carrot tight tight* baybee wanted to straighten out my messed up mind by making me hold a carrot...i guess cos cawwots are straight? hehe so him...if your giving me weird stares...go get a bf *BLEAKK*
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im the first!

im the first! im the first! im the first! im the first! *grins* first passenger to pose in baybee/donkwee/boogene's newly enhanced SEXY ride. *drools over the ride n the owner*.

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Father's Day @ Jogoya

Alright, Sunday was Father's did u celebrate yours with your daddy?

mine...simple...just usual. Seriously, eating is what my family does best...we go everywhere to dig for nice food and er EAT.

This worries me at times because im scared that one day i'll get too used to eating nice food...i'lll start to spend all my $ on food rather than clothes or whatever...i'll start getting picky with food...then i'll start to gain weight...get fat...and lazy...and wallet will always be measurements would go up to 38'40'45'.....shit. ERgHHh feeling the guilt right now :(

Speaking of fat issues, i suddenly recalled one of my mum's colleague who is always buying fried shit or all sorts of junk food that u cant possibly say no to for the people in the office. Her colleagues are of course happy until she said.....

"Since i can't be slim, I'll just make the rest of you ladies Fat *evil laugh*"...

After that, i think her line somehow inspired someone else in the office. Mum has been telling me that this other lady has been baking pie/cakes and bringing them to office every week to share with the others since my last week working there. I could still recall the cherry almond pie she made one of the days of during my last week working there. Personally, i thought it was shit...wayyyyy to sweet for my liking and the colours were abit off. (think. the mamak syrup kinda pink coloured filling) haha and that day itself i just had to bump into her in the washroom and she Justtt had to ask me

"Ohhhh u tried my pie?? u liked it??"

in a very enthusiastic tone of voice...i just answered her

"yeah Yeah" *smiles*

then she went again

"So u liked it?"

.....Me : " Yeahh! And its so unique, I've never tasted pie like this before...So was it your own recipe?"

I know...i know...i felt horrible for encouraging her...hahaha but then again Mum said her baking skills have improved lately...the cakes are tasting much better than before :D well i shall judge when i get to try her cake (if i ever get to again).

how on earth can i start typing from my father's day celebration to shitty pies?? -__-

Back to last Sunday...

After church... we headed to Starhill

Went up the lift till we reached the Relish level of Starhill...

Turned right...and walked towards this crowd of people...

who were lining up to get their table numbers....

to dine @ JOGOYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

*bounces with joy* Fyi I've been wanting to come here for a longgg longggg time :D

check out that clock face reflected on the carpet. cool aight?

The first thing one would notice about Jogoya is their lovely interior...It was awesome. And the place was hugeee...It was like walking into food haven...sigh miss that place
loved the walls.

This is only a tiny section of the whole place...

there were so much more desserts available but i only managed to snap a few pics.

These coconuts run out every other second when the Jogoya staff refill the trays for these coconuts.

I couldn't take much pictures that day because i was being sounded by a waitress *HmPH* so had to take pictures of self to make up for feeling annoyed by waitress. hehehe.

My brother and i.

That's what they say to good food right? hehehe

a cute looking clock at Jogoya.

so that all the pics i managed to snap while dining at Jogoya. With that much of good food staring at u, it's really kindda hard to snap pictures of them instead of gobbling em up. :D

Walked around Starhill after that and i saw these...

They're so prettyy >.< *Dreams* WAhhh If only i had 30,000 friends. They could \ all spend like a dollar plus only each to get me that baby in the centre for my birthday mWhahaaha! or maybe my 30,000 friends could spend less than a buck each to get me that ring there. SighHhh So prettyy and so manageable for my 30,000 friends!! :D HHAhahaa i better start recruiting friends :p *giggles* *hits self in the head*
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Mellow Days

Ahh looks like its about time for me to update the blog. Haven't been in the mood for blogging or doing anything else...Assignments are starting to pile up already and dear me (as usual) haven't started with anything yet. Ahh lets not go so into the assignments part...besides, I'm supposed to be motivated by deadlines according to the MBTI

Went for Observation @ Mid Valley on Wednesday after having lunch at the Manhattan Fish Market. My rating for the food @ Manhattan Fish Market = -969897498081365958. The calamaries were well, miserably small and not fresh but it was definitely better than the Fish and Chips that stinked of the horrible fishy smell. The other MFM outlets that i tried were actually not that bad though, so i guess the MV outlet might be the only one serving such bad seafood. Fish and Co is still the best.

So after lunch, we went up to the highest level of MV...picked our spots...and started observing...for 1 1/2 hours...standing seperately...not talking to each many males/females (humas :p) enter Pet's Wonderland using the correct/wrong exit. So basically we spent 1 1/2 hours keeping count of the number of people who bothered reading the "masuk" "keluar" signs on the entrance/exit of Pet's Wonderland before entering. Not gonna talk much about it so yeah these are the things psychology students do.

There are the four of us observing the people entering Pet's Wonderland and being observed/annoyed by other people.

was interrupted by a dude who was trying to figure out what were the 4 of us doing...and after that 2 girls who wanted to know where she got her shoes hHAhahhahHAha...i've always been too shy to go up to people and ask where they got their stuff so i wanna give those 2 girls 2 thumbs up for being so bold.

however, was annoyed by a couple sharing their ice cream (eventhough each ahd their own) standing in between her and Yien (in between observer 1 & 2).

A few fellas came up to Vern May asking for directions and interrrupted her listening to her Ipod. Lucky her we had to listen to the noises at MV :P

I was annoyed by these 2 Malay dudes..They were the typical lepak kinda dudes, were chilling in between me and Vern May (between observer 3 & 4)...what made them so annoying? first they were just chilling around..then they started staring at me...giggling and shit, God knows what were they talking about...idiots...Then they sorta figured out what was i doing after awhile...SOOO whenever they saw someone walking in Pet's Wonderland, they turn and look at me...(me making marks on my notebook)...Then GIGGLE (wtf?)...worst part was i had to look at their direction eventhough i was sooo annoyed cos they were blocking my view...whatever la...

Went around looking for gifts and window shopped after our observation. Found another shop selling leather case for my mini....with more variety of colours. My heart tells me i should go with the white...but i thought of going for a different color, that girly color...the girls however, were covincing me to get the blue...ahhhh stressss...the good thing was i'll just go back and see what colors they have next week and decide then....hmmm

ANYWAYS...had dinner with baybee/donkee/boogene and the old HMC peeps @ TGIF 1U to celebrate Gayton's Dayton's Birthday. It was supposed to be a surprise party organized by Natalie but the Smart Friday's waitress at the entrance spoiled the whole surprised when Nat and boy entered Friday's...

Natalie : erm i booked a table under the name Natalie.
Smart Friday's Waitress : Oh table for 15??


*sweat sweat sweat*

it was a good night overall, except for a few of the guys who were stressing over the match that night cos of their bets...poor guys =(

We took a group pic as requested by the birthday boy. Darrel went missing in this pic.

iman and sheryn cam whored a little with the toilet. haha

Thats all for now...its 4.o0 Pm and i havent had my lunch....arghhh no foood at home >.<
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Sweat your way to radiant health

warning : this post is utter bullshit...keep reading only if you're lame.

i bet most of you (tiffany confirmed) looked something like this when u read my last post

or maybe this action seemed familiar to you...
Whatever it is i noticed my ability to make people sweat negatively correlates with my mood. Then again sweating is good right? Read about the benefits of sweating from Sweat your way to radiant health or, i'm sure u can get loads of other articles talking about the benefits of sweating right? So Im actually doing u a good favor by helping you generate sweat.( i just made u sweat) So since i have the ability to make u sweat ( i just did it again) why pay so much money to go to the gym? the sauna? come read this miserable blog of a girl la. The more u read the more you sweat, the healthier u are. (i just made u sweat again) Just try not to stink up my blog while you're sweating. :P

Obviously im not in a good mood now. -__-"
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one odd ad

The story of Imdaman & Imdawoman

year 2006

Imdaman and Imdawoman went up the hill and got married. They bought themselves a nice looking lil crib on the hill.
Year 2020

Imdaman and Imdawoman after many many many unsuccessful attempts , themselves 2 nice looking little creatures by the name of imdaboy and imdagirl...They also got themselves a lil pussycat by the name of imdamiao.
Year 2050

Imdaman and imdawoman are now old and wrinkly, nevertheless they are happy as they still get to live with their children and grandchildren. Imdaboy and Imdagirl had 2 nice little looking creatures. So does imdamiao. All of em lived happily ever after in that 2 1/2 storey house up that hill.

ok ok

----THE END-----

sorry the story ended so abruptly..i seriously think theres something odd about this ad...-_______-" it would all look more normal if there were more human lookalike creatures in the third pic...i think.

its normal for Imdamiao to have 2 lil kittens without a male cat in the pic cs female cats are horny and they go mate around....but...theres just something odd about the number of human lookalike lego figures in the that line "kids just got kids"...oddness O_O

These kinda "little life changes" in society is freaky ok UOB. U sure u can cope with it?

p.s- just abit bored
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I love my "attitude problem"

Whatever i want to present myself as is my prerogative. I do not dress to try and prove to others who i am nor try to fit in with whoever or whatever society. If you are gonna insult my intelligence and my ability to differentiate what is right from wrong, please do so because i have no right to control the words coming out of your mouth. However, do have in mind that what u said has not and will not affect the way i am. I love my attitude problem too much to change the way i am. Therefore, i am gonna ignore what u have said. simply because ignorance is bliss. And also because i am gonna annoy you more if i do not respond to what you are going to tell me. Silent treatment from me = you being more annoyed. Thank You Very Much.
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Went with parents to check out the brand new cinema is town 2 days in a row!! ( 3 days in a row for bro, mum and dad) i watched Da Vinci Code (for the second time) and Mission Impossible 3 (finally), bro and parents watched 16 blocks without me on Friday night. It was boring watching the Da Vinci Code for the second time, i almost fell asleep and i dont normally fall asleep watching movies. Hmm the other movies i remember falling asleep while watching was XXX2 and The Wild. haha. Anyways Mission Impossible 3 was really good. I liked it alot. Hot actors/actresses and a nice lil twist. :D

I thought the whole building was gonna be the cinema but i was wrong >_<...only the top level of it is. The rest of the building is gona be occupied by shoplots im assumming.

The car park of the building is super dusty and it got my sneezing abit...the parking lots are not even properly labelled yet..but its all good, there for the cinema anyways.

follow the signs...



Personally i think the place is really the lighting (nice and dark) perfect for people with astigmism problem (like mua). But somehow...i feel the deco and all is abit JEng (just abit)...i dunno the stars on the ceiling look jeng to me...i feel like im in Times Square (the one in Malaysia) when i was there O_O but i still like the place very much. The place is cool ok.

They've at least 6 ticket counters :) which means less long queues? haha i dont know.

There's also a preview lounge which looks really cool but i dont know what is it for. Didnt read that piece of paper stuck in front of the entrance cos i was too into taking pictures.

now to the higher level, after purchasing the tickets :) *bounces up stairs excitedly*

one thing i love about the higher level. The graffiti. They have it along the walls. Pretty :)

Free Internet Access!!! while waiting for your movie to start. I wanted to surf but the kid in the middle ran towards the computer when he saw me walking towards it. That kid was like having fun clicking the mouse and banging the keyboard -____- nvm. The uncle beside the kid however, was busy messaging people on myspace O_O

There are seats around and a big ass screen on top of the entrance (see see see!!! the squarish thingy above the "cinemas now seating" board) showing trailers of other movies. I wouldn't mind waiting half an hour for my movie to start...Free internet access, trailers to like :)

This is how the walkway to the screens look like. interesting .

i like the ceiling the most.

Thats how far i could continue snapping pictures of the place . i seriously looked so jakun holding my cam snapping pics everywhere like some tourist. Mum told me to start speaking broken English or perfect Mandarin to save myself some face. Blergh.

My first visit to Cineleisure was in the afternoon , second was at night! so i got to snap a pic of Cineleisure all lighted up. Beautiful!! the light actually changes color almost every second.

after snapping the first pic of Cineleisure, i turned around and got another pretty pic of The Street. *grins*

Thats all the pics i have of Cineleisure...FYI (if u didn't know) the couple seats @ Cineleisure are only RM 1 extra. The seats are not bad, pretty comfortable. The snacks however, hMmmmm I didn't really like the pop corn, a tad too sweet for me...Theres not much selection of snacks also but im sure theyre gonna add some stuff to the menu. One thing i can't understand, They had 3 plasma's displaying the menu of snacks...quite unnecessary right? waste of electricity and i dont fancy the so called animations.

Had Dim Sum @ Imperial China on Sunday. I never knew the Tai Thong Group had such nice dim sum places. I like the interior alot, not the typical chinese restaurant interior and yet there is still the eastern feel to it...similar to the feel Yu Jai Village, Noble House, The Ming Room, Oriental is trying to create. btw the few restaurants mentioned are under the same group u know?

i love i love i love the red seats!!!! spot it in the pics. The Loh Mai Gai here is by far the best ive tasted.

Here are some of Noble House's pics i took long time ago. The dude in some of the pics is none other than my beloved brother. When there for sharkfin Dim Sum Buffet some time ago. only 39 bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn cheap ok and damn good.

Enough of food. Im starving.

So today's date looks something like...


some say...its the sign of the devil..therefore, satan's day (or something like that) *spooky sounds*
i say...Whateverrrrrrrrr!!!! God is above everything.

some say is a good day for marriage (i don't know why..can someone help answer that?)
i say....I've got some pics snapped from a bridal shop so i shall upload them to err celebrate with those who are getting married today? :D Ngeks.

(pick me pick me pick me!!!!!!)

Thats all for now...buhbye and make sure you never take things forgranted in life (any thing be it big or small) :D

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Kontradikcion Bengified


Check out this really cool site!!!


hahah!! damn cute right? was browsing through and got this beng translator from one of his old entries hahaha!!
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to infinity and beyond

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