get off that swing, mood

Feeling a lil odd lately. Im fine when im around people but when im alone, those irrational...uncomfortable...stupid...negative thoughts will start fillin my brain up. I'll then start confusing myself, contradicting myself, mind-fucking myself (mind-fucked term stolen from kenny sia). Hmmmm...

i remember last year during counsellng sessions with Tom, i mentioned to him that I'm always feeling very demotivated cos of the routine life that I've to go through everyday. He then gave me some great advice and i was starting to feel more motivated..but not for long. It's not Tom...It' is odd

during the last LLS lectures, i was actually listening to Franklin talking about the qualities of a leader, one of it is mindfulness...Then he started giving examples, talking about how some people could be living their lives, doing what they do..just for the sake of doing it and not taking the initiative to ponder about why they are doing what they do, and i could relate so well to the examples that he was giving. It worries me =S

WHY WhY WHY WHY WHY ???? *scratch head*

bla bla bla

Enough about feeling emo...*holds carrot tight tight* baybee wanted to straighten out my messed up mind by making me hold a carrot...i guess cos cawwots are straight? hehe so him...if your giving me weird stares...go get a bf *BLEAKK*

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