Went with parents to check out the brand new cinema is town 2 days in a row!! ( 3 days in a row for bro, mum and dad) i watched Da Vinci Code (for the second time) and Mission Impossible 3 (finally), bro and parents watched 16 blocks without me on Friday night. It was boring watching the Da Vinci Code for the second time, i almost fell asleep and i dont normally fall asleep watching movies. Hmm the other movies i remember falling asleep while watching was XXX2 and The Wild. haha. Anyways Mission Impossible 3 was really good. I liked it alot. Hot actors/actresses and a nice lil twist. :D

I thought the whole building was gonna be the cinema but i was wrong >_<...only the top level of it is. The rest of the building is gona be occupied by shoplots im assumming.

The car park of the building is super dusty and it got my sneezing abit...the parking lots are not even properly labelled yet..but its all good, there for the cinema anyways.

follow the signs...



Personally i think the place is really the lighting (nice and dark) perfect for people with astigmism problem (like mua). But somehow...i feel the deco and all is abit JEng (just abit)...i dunno the stars on the ceiling look jeng to me...i feel like im in Times Square (the one in Malaysia) when i was there O_O but i still like the place very much. The place is cool ok.

They've at least 6 ticket counters :) which means less long queues? haha i dont know.

There's also a preview lounge which looks really cool but i dont know what is it for. Didnt read that piece of paper stuck in front of the entrance cos i was too into taking pictures.

now to the higher level, after purchasing the tickets :) *bounces up stairs excitedly*

one thing i love about the higher level. The graffiti. They have it along the walls. Pretty :)

Free Internet Access!!! while waiting for your movie to start. I wanted to surf but the kid in the middle ran towards the computer when he saw me walking towards it. That kid was like having fun clicking the mouse and banging the keyboard -____- nvm. The uncle beside the kid however, was busy messaging people on myspace O_O

There are seats around and a big ass screen on top of the entrance (see see see!!! the squarish thingy above the "cinemas now seating" board) showing trailers of other movies. I wouldn't mind waiting half an hour for my movie to start...Free internet access, trailers to like :)

This is how the walkway to the screens look like. interesting .

i like the ceiling the most.

Thats how far i could continue snapping pictures of the place . i seriously looked so jakun holding my cam snapping pics everywhere like some tourist. Mum told me to start speaking broken English or perfect Mandarin to save myself some face. Blergh.

My first visit to Cineleisure was in the afternoon , second was at night! so i got to snap a pic of Cineleisure all lighted up. Beautiful!! the light actually changes color almost every second.

after snapping the first pic of Cineleisure, i turned around and got another pretty pic of The Street. *grins*

Thats all the pics i have of Cineleisure...FYI (if u didn't know) the couple seats @ Cineleisure are only RM 1 extra. The seats are not bad, pretty comfortable. The snacks however, hMmmmm I didn't really like the pop corn, a tad too sweet for me...Theres not much selection of snacks also but im sure theyre gonna add some stuff to the menu. One thing i can't understand, They had 3 plasma's displaying the menu of snacks...quite unnecessary right? waste of electricity and i dont fancy the so called animations.

Had Dim Sum @ Imperial China on Sunday. I never knew the Tai Thong Group had such nice dim sum places. I like the interior alot, not the typical chinese restaurant interior and yet there is still the eastern feel to it...similar to the feel Yu Jai Village, Noble House, The Ming Room, Oriental is trying to create. btw the few restaurants mentioned are under the same group u know?

i love i love i love the red seats!!!! spot it in the pics. The Loh Mai Gai here is by far the best ive tasted.

Here are some of Noble House's pics i took long time ago. The dude in some of the pics is none other than my beloved brother. When there for sharkfin Dim Sum Buffet some time ago. only 39 bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn cheap ok and damn good.

Enough of food. Im starving.

So today's date looks something like...


some say...its the sign of the devil..therefore, satan's day (or something like that) *spooky sounds*
i say...Whateverrrrrrrrr!!!! God is above everything.

some say is a good day for marriage (i don't know why..can someone help answer that?)
i say....I've got some pics snapped from a bridal shop so i shall upload them to err celebrate with those who are getting married today? :D Ngeks.

(pick me pick me pick me!!!!!!)

Thats all for now...buhbye and make sure you never take things forgranted in life (any thing be it big or small) :D

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