Mellow Days

Ahh looks like its about time for me to update the blog. Haven't been in the mood for blogging or doing anything else...Assignments are starting to pile up already and dear me (as usual) haven't started with anything yet. Ahh lets not go so into the assignments part...besides, I'm supposed to be motivated by deadlines according to the MBTI

Went for Observation @ Mid Valley on Wednesday after having lunch at the Manhattan Fish Market. My rating for the food @ Manhattan Fish Market = -969897498081365958. The calamaries were well, miserably small and not fresh but it was definitely better than the Fish and Chips that stinked of the horrible fishy smell. The other MFM outlets that i tried were actually not that bad though, so i guess the MV outlet might be the only one serving such bad seafood. Fish and Co is still the best.

So after lunch, we went up to the highest level of MV...picked our spots...and started observing...for 1 1/2 hours...standing seperately...not talking to each many males/females (humas :p) enter Pet's Wonderland using the correct/wrong exit. So basically we spent 1 1/2 hours keeping count of the number of people who bothered reading the "masuk" "keluar" signs on the entrance/exit of Pet's Wonderland before entering. Not gonna talk much about it so yeah these are the things psychology students do.

There are the four of us observing the people entering Pet's Wonderland and being observed/annoyed by other people.

was interrupted by a dude who was trying to figure out what were the 4 of us doing...and after that 2 girls who wanted to know where she got her shoes hHAhahhahHAha...i've always been too shy to go up to people and ask where they got their stuff so i wanna give those 2 girls 2 thumbs up for being so bold.

however, was annoyed by a couple sharing their ice cream (eventhough each ahd their own) standing in between her and Yien (in between observer 1 & 2).

A few fellas came up to Vern May asking for directions and interrrupted her listening to her Ipod. Lucky her we had to listen to the noises at MV :P

I was annoyed by these 2 Malay dudes..They were the typical lepak kinda dudes, were chilling in between me and Vern May (between observer 3 & 4)...what made them so annoying? first they were just chilling around..then they started staring at me...giggling and shit, God knows what were they talking about...idiots...Then they sorta figured out what was i doing after awhile...SOOO whenever they saw someone walking in Pet's Wonderland, they turn and look at me...(me making marks on my notebook)...Then GIGGLE (wtf?)...worst part was i had to look at their direction eventhough i was sooo annoyed cos they were blocking my view...whatever la...

Went around looking for gifts and window shopped after our observation. Found another shop selling leather case for my mini....with more variety of colours. My heart tells me i should go with the white...but i thought of going for a different color, that girly color...the girls however, were covincing me to get the blue...ahhhh stressss...the good thing was i'll just go back and see what colors they have next week and decide then....hmmm

ANYWAYS...had dinner with baybee/donkee/boogene and the old HMC peeps @ TGIF 1U to celebrate Gayton's Dayton's Birthday. It was supposed to be a surprise party organized by Natalie but the Smart Friday's waitress at the entrance spoiled the whole surprised when Nat and boy entered Friday's...

Natalie : erm i booked a table under the name Natalie.
Smart Friday's Waitress : Oh table for 15??


*sweat sweat sweat*

it was a good night overall, except for a few of the guys who were stressing over the match that night cos of their bets...poor guys =(

We took a group pic as requested by the birthday boy. Darrel went missing in this pic.

iman and sheryn cam whored a little with the toilet. haha

Thats all for now...its 4.o0 Pm and i havent had my lunch....arghhh no foood at home >.<

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