one odd ad

The story of Imdaman & Imdawoman

year 2006

Imdaman and Imdawoman went up the hill and got married. They bought themselves a nice looking lil crib on the hill.
Year 2020

Imdaman and Imdawoman after many many many unsuccessful attempts , themselves 2 nice looking little creatures by the name of imdaboy and imdagirl...They also got themselves a lil pussycat by the name of imdamiao.
Year 2050

Imdaman and imdawoman are now old and wrinkly, nevertheless they are happy as they still get to live with their children and grandchildren. Imdaboy and Imdagirl had 2 nice little looking creatures. So does imdamiao. All of em lived happily ever after in that 2 1/2 storey house up that hill.

ok ok

----THE END-----

sorry the story ended so abruptly..i seriously think theres something odd about this ad...-_______-" it would all look more normal if there were more human lookalike creatures in the third pic...i think.

its normal for Imdamiao to have 2 lil kittens without a male cat in the pic cs female cats are horny and they go mate around....but...theres just something odd about the number of human lookalike lego figures in the that line "kids just got kids"...oddness O_O

These kinda "little life changes" in society is freaky ok UOB. U sure u can cope with it?

p.s- just abit bored

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