Sweat your way to radiant health

warning : this post is utter bullshit...keep reading only if you're lame.

i bet most of you (tiffany confirmed) looked something like this when u read my last post
or maybe this action seemed familiar to you...
Whatever it is i noticed my ability to make people sweat negatively correlates with my mood. Then again sweating is good right? Read about the benefits of sweating from Sweat your way to radiant health or, i'm sure u can get loads of other articles talking about the benefits of sweating right? So Im actually doing u a good favor by helping you generate sweat.( i just made u sweat) So since i have the ability to make u sweat ( i just did it again) why pay so much money to go to the gym? the sauna? come read this miserable blog of a girl la. The more u read the more you sweat, the healthier u are. (i just made u sweat again) Just try not to stink up my blog while you're sweating. :P

Obviously im not in a good mood now. -__-"

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