nude mamas

I'm sure u guys have heard about Britney posing nude for Harper's.

And today was reading about Angelina Jolie going to pose nude as i can't wait to see angelina naked and fat..mwahahaha :P

Anyways i thik Britney looks awesome in the pics..eventhough shes pregnant...and even though i do not like Britney...i think she looks hmm somewhat sexy. And when i say sexy i mean check out that curve on her ass...pretty. Can't stand her face in the pics though...

imagine if u were the kid and 10 years later (i assume that kids would only start to feel shy walkin around naked at that age and i assume britney wouldn't openly parade her nude pregnant pics to her offsprings) u find a nude and perfectly photoshopped pic of your mum on the cover of a magazine 10 years would u feel? hmmm...imagine Britney explaining to her kid about her nude pics..

Britney : lil xxx come check out some old pics of mama

XXX : Mummy!! u look so pretty!! but y aren't there any clothes on u?? and why do u look so fat??

Britney : Oh my dear, mummy was just posing nude for Harper's Bazaar when i was 6 months pregnant with's really an honour u know? and why i looked so fat? That's because i was pregnant with u...u were in mummy's other word u wrer actually posing with mummy! :)

XXX : Ohhh...*continues staring at naked mum*

Britney : Dear, u should be proud u know? your brother didn't even get the chance to pose nude with mummy for a mag cover :)

XXX : OOOo!!! Reallyy?!?! weee~!!! Thanx Mummy, u made me feel so proud of myself!!!

Britney : Seee your brother didn't even get the chance for mummy to pose with him naked :D

omg...I would feel so weird if i was the child...(i love the dress!!!)

anyways heres another pregnant nude celeb pic i found. Its Demi Moore.. i wonder how many months pregnant was she at that time?


haha enough abut hot mamas. Time for me to rant a lil...

Attended our first experiment of the semester. I gotta say that this was the most boring experiment that i'e participated in. -_- It was so boring im not even gna waste time talking about it.

LLS tutorials for this week was fun! We played a lil game of traffic jam where strategizing and leadership skills were in need in every player.

Basically there were 7 players sitted on each side facing each other, the yellow spot was an empty chair. The whole objective of the game is for the player at each side to more in the direction of where the arrow is pointing (can't move backwards) and have everyone on one side be transfered to the other side. So at the end of the game, the player at the pink spot with the blue X mark would be sitted at the purple spot with the blue X mark ans vice versa. Conditions of the game is there can only be one player moving at one time. a player could only move (in the direction of the arrow) one empty seat next to him/her OR skip the player next to him/her to end up at the empty seat.

X could move either to the "star" if it is empty or to the "tick" seat if it is empty and when the "star"seat is not.

we couldn't succeed in getting everyone across to the other side but we were close! The tutor then showed us a solution to this game and everyone then tried out the steps and finally reached the other side of the isle.

Overall the game was fun!!! but it would have been better if there weren't any annoying Johor Langs to keep speaking up JUSttt For the sake of making noise and trying to sound smart.

Grrr during last week's tutorials, i so happen to have ended up in the same discussion group as him. i TTttried to nottt judge him and tried being nice to him cos after all he seems like a nice guy who just happened to have went to the wrong salon and got the wrong stylist to colored his hair with the wrongg color and giving him the Wronggg hair cut. In addition to that, i also tried to tolerate with him speaking English because he was from Johor. Fine la give chance...Until today's tutorial...-__- lala Johor lang just had to be in the same discussion group as me again...and he just had to sit beside me. NVM about that la ok...give chance cos from Johor ok...BUT my tolerance level really had reach its max when at one moment he laughed so hard at i duno what and he smacked my thigh. -__- ok let me rephrase, he hit my thigh with the back of his hand. I do not know if it was intentional whether he was trying to get me to laugh with him or really just an accident, BUT i WASN'T happy about that. blergh. Ok let me jut assume that it was unintentional. Give somemore chance ok..Johor Lang. Then, he started laughing somemore about i forgot what and lifted both his arms up and supporting his head from the back while laughing. Ok thank goodness i did not smell any BO....but then again how cosiderate can u be lifting your arms up high in an already packed discussion area where there are people sitted quite near u??? ERGHHH...annoying the shit outta me.

So sorry ok lala Johor lang, whether or not u did what u did on purpose or not, thinking you're making sense of what u say in class or simply just trying to get attention, i officially cannot stand u.

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