Father's Day @ Jogoya

Alright, Sunday was Father's day...how did u celebrate yours with your daddy?

mine...simple...just makan...as usual. Seriously, eating is what my family does best...we go everywhere to dig for nice food and er EAT.

This worries me at times because im scared that one day i'll get too used to eating nice food...i'lll start to spend all my $ on food rather than clothes or whatever...i'll start getting picky with food...then i'll start to gain weight...get fat...and lazy...and ugly...my wallet will always be empty...my measurements would go up to 38'40'45'.....shit. ERgHHh feeling the guilt right now :(

Speaking of fat issues, i suddenly recalled one of my mum's colleague who is always buying fried shit or all sorts of junk food that u cant possibly say no to for the people in the office. Her colleagues are of course happy until she said.....

"Since i can't be slim, I'll just make the rest of you ladies Fat *evil laugh*"...

After that, i think her line somehow inspired someone else in the office. Mum has been telling me that this other lady has been baking pie/cakes and bringing them to office every week to share with the others since my last week working there. I could still recall the cherry almond pie she made one of the days of during my last week working there. Personally, i thought it was shit...wayyyyy to sweet for my liking and the colours were abit off. (think. the mamak syrup kinda pink coloured filling) haha and that day itself i just had to bump into her in the washroom and she Justtt had to ask me

"Ohhhh u tried my pie?? u liked it??"

in a very enthusiastic tone of voice...i just answered her

"yeah Yeah" *smiles*

then she went again

"So u liked it?"

.....Me : " Yeahh! And its so unique, I've never tasted pie like this before...So was it your own recipe?"

I know...i know...i felt horrible for encouraging her...hahaha but then again Mum said her baking skills have improved lately...the cakes are tasting much better than before :D well i shall judge when i get to try her cake (if i ever get to again).

how on earth can i start typing from my father's day celebration to shitty pies?? -__-

Back to last Sunday...

After church... we headed to Starhill

Went up the lift till we reached the Relish level of Starhill...

Turned right...and walked towards this crowd of people...

who were lining up to get their table numbers....

to dine @ JOGOYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

*bounces with joy* Fyi I've been wanting to come here for a longgg longggg time :D

check out that clock face reflected on the carpet. cool aight?

The first thing one would notice about Jogoya is their lovely interior...It was awesome. And the place was hugeee...It was like walking into food haven...sigh miss that place
loved the walls.

This is only a tiny section of the whole place...

there were so much more desserts available but i only managed to snap a few pics.

These coconuts run out every other second when the Jogoya staff refill the trays for these coconuts.

I couldn't take much pictures that day because i was being sounded by a waitress *HmPH* so had to take pictures of self to make up for feeling annoyed by waitress. hehehe.

My brother and i.

That's what they say to good food right? hehehe

a cute looking clock at Jogoya.

so that all the pics i managed to snap while dining at Jogoya. With that much of good food staring at u, it's really kindda hard to snap pictures of them instead of gobbling em up. :D

Walked around Starhill after that and i saw these...

They're so prettyy >.< *Dreams* WAhhh If only i had 30,000 friends. They could \ all spend like a dollar plus only each to get me that baby in the centre for my birthday mWhahaaha! or maybe my 30,000 friends could spend less than a buck each to get me that ring there. SighHhh So prettyy and so manageable for my 30,000 friends!! :D HHAhahaa i better start recruiting friends :p *giggles* *hits self in the head*

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