The other day, when dad was sending me home.

In the car...

Later when you go up, go to my bag and take the nipples. There are 2 there.
*confused* HUH??? WHAattt??

Nippleee *trying to focus on the road*

What Nipple?

It looks something like this *brings out a bag of tools underneath his seat*

ohhh...why do you all call it nipple?

*after passing him the nipples*

Yeah, this is called a nipple, N-I-P-P-L-E. See, got two heads.
i know how to spell...but why nipple? sounds so weird.


Hmm, normally when we (i) think of nipples, i think of something like this

Yeah the lemon fruit looks like it has a nipple, no? What about something more realistic.

like this?

yeah i know it looks retarded, that's cos it belongs to...


non other than a chicken. found this image from google images. If you are the owner of it, sorry and thanks cos i'm puttin this on my blog.

[edit: on second thought, that looks like a turkey with a chicken head]

What?! you thought i was gonna put up a picture of human nipples! :P

As you can see, with my limited vocab and the schema i have of a nipple, they always look something like those images up there.

But i might be wrong, so someone educate me please...why associate these tools.....

With Nipples?

i don't get it! *damm bronde*

btw look what the Creative Japs did ...yeah...what a fashion statement. I remember watching before in some movies that the western kids used to bully Nerds in school by making them wear rubber breasts that looks exactly like those scarfs.

Talk about cultural differences man.

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