Nothing interesting happening lately. Been quite low and moody for sometime already and all i could rely on is eating...eating and more eating...to not feel so miserable. Chocolates help a tad but they give me sore throats. Whatever.

I think I'll just go on a hiatus and return whenever I'm mentally fit enough to blog about something.

i think this comic strip describes what i'm experiencing perfectly. {edit: not that perfectly when i see it again..]

Better try to elaborate on what I'm feeling now. The way i interpret this comic strip is when the clown is around some other people, he would put up a front to try and entertain the people around him, doing his job as a clown...but when he's not in front of others, his true self reveals....a depressed stupid clown he is. I know it can be interpreted in different ways but THIS is how i SEE it.

Well, i feel depressed and moody la but of course not until the extent of pointing a gun to my head...

bye all, let's hope i won't be like this the next time i update kontradikcion. Take Care :)

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