Vat's Birtday Surprise

A few days ago, Sook Yeen, Soo Wen and myself sorta kinda organized a lil surprise get together to celebrate Vat's 20th Birthday. Called some old Djians but only a few of them turned up *squints*

Nature lovers tell me what do they call this lil creature please.

I only managed to snap a shot of it before it sped off and scared me! i was screaming and jumping only soo wen knew how funny i looked.

Vat was surprised indeed! And she had a lot of fun unwrapping her present with 20 layers of wrappers just as much as i had fun wrapping those 20 layers.

The cake. Which was supposed to be served before Vat arrived but only came halfway through our meal.

I loved the smoke salmon! :D

These are all those who came to celebrate Vat's Belated Birthday.

The *cough* organizers

Do we look like we we're running?


Overall it was an expensive but worth it reunion with some old Djians :)

After lunch we split and Vat, Wen and i went back to chill at Yeen's before laughing at our Year Book pictures at Vat's place. I look horrible back in form 1. *shy*

No mood for blogging.

Classes start tomorrow. Yay -_-"

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