piece of boring crap you don't really want to bother

feeling so






Pissed off-ful



Look, i just invented a whole list of words.




The mood is Freaking bad and not even 2 Days of shopping could cure me. (Shopping without much purchases that is)

Today, i woke up looking for something decent and preferably new-er than the other stuff i have left in my wardrobe but i found NOTHING.

I dug and dug the for something to wear for almost half an hour and in the end just gave up digging.................

I tossed and threw *literally* all the messy clothes out of the wardrobe to my bed or on the floor. You know like how those crazy sale-goers start throwing clothes about when everything is*bimbo* 70% AHH AHH AHHH ~!....-_- Then i just gave up and picked something i was wearing quite often already. *yawns*

Was late already so had to rush up the car with my cosmetics all stuffed in my bag, WHICH is 2 years old (omg). Why aren't there any nice bags around????? ok... yeah so i was busy fiddling with my cosmetics and trying to paint my very "pissed-off" looking face. I hate the way i look when I'm angry.

In the car, whenever i was trying to apply some stuff onto my face, the car will be moving so fast and the ride will be so bouncy that i couldn't even steady my hands! BUT, when the car was stationary during traffic light stops, i thought to myself "ok nows a good time to put this and that.." but i had such a hard time looking for that stupid mascara and when i finally found it, the lights turned GREEN.


*bigass sigh*

so easily annoyed la these days. Seriously, i didn't smile couldn't smile at all throughout the whole journey. Oh wait, i did when i saw my eyelashes looked pretty alright after i curled them.

Damn bimbo i know.

I need a punching bag. Literally.

Feeling disconnected. And i'm making kontradikcion boring. Boooooo. Nowadays no mood at all to think of slightly more interesting stuff to blog about. Even considerably happening events are too lazy to be typed out here la. So many pictures. So lazy to edit. Edit also no use...Just to satisfy MYSELF. Blergh.

was addicted to making icons thanks to Vattie. But now, no patience to go play around anymore.

first try

second one

*And everyone reading this goes = "Boring............." *clicks on someone else's link to read about more interesting stuff*

I should just sleep la. ...That's is, if i could sleep WELL


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