Beberapa hari lalu dalam sejarah.

Today, grandma came back holding 2 sheets of A4 paper grumbling her way to me...

The other day our instructor brought the newspaper, with all our colored pictures in it. It was about a 2 sheet spread copy you know! SO BIGGGG then this XXX so PATT you noe! She said her son can photocopy for everyone so she brought back the copy la! And then today see what she brought back for us???????

Only 3/4 quarter of the article was printed out....there weren'y any dates on it. Basically, it was just printed damn awkwardly la!

Then u see this one, she purposely photo stated the part only with the picture of her face in it! Everyone was so pissed la....Aih....

*few seconds later*

Eyh, u see u seee, got my name...hehe but my picture cannot see ler...

Hahahaha i was laughing my ass out!

Anyways here is part of the article granny's friend photocopied....I didn't scan the one with that person picture. The highlighted parts are Words of wisdom from none other than *drum roll* My granny :D

Please click on the above pic for sexier view of the article.

However, if you are stubborn and don't want to click, you could at least glance through what my granny talked about line dancing right here :D

Not too sure about the walking 1km per day fact though haha

So everyone, intro your grannies to line dancing yea! hahahha


While i was happily scanning away, i might as well scan this part of the text book that i was reading through...

gosh I'm not even done studying 1 freaking chapter for the past 2 days :( Thursday was spent....Lala-ing, Friday....Whatever.

One word from this page appealed to my 69 of the Human Personality Textbook.

Wanna guess what word is it? Click for sexier view.

I'll give you 5 to hunt the word


But in case if you were so stubborn and did not bother clicking to search, you can do so here.

please click for sexier read.

Ok la, let me make it easier for those who are really participating in the search

Still can't find it???

NO? Are you serious?

Ok fine, heres the word....

Exactly, thats that word please don't tell me you missed it.

Ahh yes, that one. Of course not pronounced as how it's supposed to in the text.

BLEAK (pronounced as bleh-k)

it's a colloquial term used when one feels moody, bored, any sort of negative feeling. A good substitution when you run outta things to say. Can be replaced with emoticons that look something like "=P" also. However, it has that sorta flirty element to it when used in different situations.

Some examples.

Weih, whats up?

Damn sien la weih

Why la?

Got nothing else to do man aih, bleak.

Well, life can be boring sometimes man, chill.

aih, bleak...


I really think you are the most beautiful girl I've ever met in my life.

*insert annoying act cute/high pitch tone* so bad ler u...bleak!! hehehe Bleak

Bleakkk ;)

ehehe Bleak!!! ehehehe

But you really are... hehehe so cute bleak

enough ler!! bleak bleak bleak bleak!!


BLEAK!! hehehehhehe

Ok enough.
You get it. Use the word with caution then.

Obviously, my idea of BLEAK here is not like in the latter example.

Why am i feeling "BLEAK"?

because I can't do the things i promise myself to do, I.e study.

And i didn't get to see Mr. Weeble today =( because i was supposed to be studying.

I'm not happy :(

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