So addicted

loving songs from LP's latest album.


thanks to influences from the one and only Mr. Weeble *winkies* hehehe

I feel so outdated with the music industry already ever since i lost all my 3k+ of songs in lappy before it crashed and also the interest to download songs *cough* illegally *cough* :(

Besides that, also lost a lil interest in taking pictures after since all my early 2007 pics were gone :(

Listening to Elliot sing on American Idol the other day made me tear a lil again! Just really enjoy that guy's singing.

Been getting emo and pissed off over petty little things and insignificant human beings these days. Thank God I'm blessed with Mr. Weeble also to help calm me down and talk some sense into me at times..hehehe *squeeze*

Hmm what else...

Nothing else la. So bye!

*squints* It's amazing how brain dead i can be.

sorry for the recent crappy posts. I promise the next one will be better...ehehe *peace*

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