Taggie tag tag

I syok sendirily got this tag off Suzzane's blog!

#1 Your Name

Michelle Teh Zhu-Yenn

#2 Your Gangsta Name
(first 3 letters of Real Name plus -izzle)


hMmmm i think Michizzle sounds better...first 4 letter better yea suzz? hehehe

#3 Your Detective Name

(fave Color and fave Animal)

i can't think of an animal that i like...not an animal fan.

*squeezes brain*

*squeezes harder*


Golden elephant

O.O cos i suddenly thought of that elephant i drew on a poster recently hehehe it's so cute...:p

#4 Your Soap Opera Name

(Middle name, and Current Street)

Zhu-Yenn, SS26/10

this sounds retarded!

#5 Your Star Wars Name

(the first 3 letters of your Last Name, first 2 letters of your First Name, last 3 letters of Mom's Maiden Name)


Tehmiwan : I'm Tehmiwan, fret now for I am here to rescue you.

That princess whoever Leia : You're who? o__O

#6 Your Superhero Name
(2nd fave Color, favorite Drink)

I don't really have a favorite drink also...hmm i'll just put what I've been drinking more lately

Red V-Soy Milk.

#7 Your Iraqi Name

(2nd letter of your First Name, 3rd letter of your Last Name, any letter of your Middle Name, 2nd letter of your Mom's Maiden Name, 3rd letter of your Dad's Middle Name, 1st letter of a Sibling's First Name, last letter of your Mum's Middle Name)


This was confusing hahahha. pronounced as eh-zak-lem. Sounds really Iraqi LOL

#8 Your Witness Protection Name
(Mom's/Dad's Middle Name)


this one sounds so chinese, Meituck sounds like "moral values" in canto hahaha

#9 Your Goth Name

(Black + the name of one of your pets)

i don't have a pet...I'll use some names from the members of B<3 Z Black Sephantina No. 4

Gothic sialllll *winks to Mr. Weeble* hehhhehe

#10 Your Haxor Name

(your Name and replace letters with Any Other Key that looks Similar)

m![h3||e +3H zHu-`/3n|\|

I Tag

whoever who wants to do this tag! Seriously! don't be shy :) Go ahead and Syok Syok la sendiri hahaha ok that sounded abit wrong ROBL ahahahhah (ROBL stands for Rolls on boogene baybee laughin :D)

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