The sweetest thing

Mr Weeble is so sweet and one of a kind *squeals*

love u sho much baybeee thanks for making my day *squeeze*

Made these 2 icons sometime ago =)

This song was playing earlier in the car.

Decyfer Down - Here to you

Your signal across the sky
Is trying to bridge the distance
And all of the reasons why
I'm so far away
I know you can move the time
And the space that falls between us
I know you can cross the lines
All I can say is
Break them down

You are what's turning my world around
Moving me close in the moment with a single motion
Even when all of my stars are falling
You pulled me from here to you
It feels like I'm falling down
Through atmospheres and orbits
And I'm moving without a sound
I'm floating away
But you are the satellite
That makes the strong connection
With messages through the night
When the going is insane
Send them down
Cause they're keeping me alive
Send them down

A million miles away
Is as close as a razor
All the words I can't say
In a breath of silence
All the truth I'm looking for
Is just beyond my shadow
When I'm spinning in the night

You are what's turning my world around...

such a sweet tune....=)

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