FGA Sports Carnival

FGA had it's very first SPORTS CARNIVAL!!

The sports carnival was held at the Matsushita Sports Centre (Shah Alam) on the 1st of May 07'. Yes, it was Labor Day. I know it's almost a month since the event, but i had no drive to put up pictures on kontradikcion. Things haven't exactly been going good for zyenn.


I'm finally done selecting a few presentable shots to display on this deprived page.

First of all, it was a sunny day even though the weather forecast says it would rain (Praise the Lord it didn't!) Granny came all prepared in her sun protective gear, which included those arm covers that female drivers normally put on while driving and this very Asian looking foldable sun shade/hat. She looked so cute in it and i had to borrow the hat for some cam-hoin...however, the pictures where not very flattering to zyenn so this is the only one that will be displayed *grins*

The colors are beautiful yea? yes? no? u don't care? haha it's okay...Let's move on.

There were a few events carried out that day including Badminton, Footie, Track & Field, Swimming, chess..etc...WAIT... CHESS? *nods*

Is chess counted as a sport? It allows the brain to exercise i guess. Must feel very nice competing in the outdoors haha

Here's the big ass pool...

And the big ass field...

Inside the complex, we have of course the indoor games such as Badminton.

The hall was packed with hyperactive kids/teens/adults/senior citizens cheering for the players.

The open area of the complex had stalls, mainly selling FOOOOOOOOOD. Didn't get a close picture of the many stalls because i was busy eating :D

Upstairs, there were stall games to entertain the less athletic but equally enthusiastic crowd.

And also, not forgetting those stalls selling lil items - bookmarks, photo frames, tissue holders, clothing, cutleries, electrical appliances....basically everything in the whole wide world.

Underneath the shade...we have...

People taking pictures.

This uncle took veryyyy long to get her grandchild to pose for the camera, his wifey then came to help out also hahha. so adorable.

people including us also.

The African Ministry then got the crowd all hyped out when they started worshiping.

Here is a video of a warming up session when they started. Note that i said Warming Up!

It was a good day and I'll be looking forward to more events like these by me churchie.

Finally got something done =) at least.

Take care all u lovely people!

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