happy happy

hee hee hee.

I'm not that happy right now, i mean... i was feeling a lil more not very happy earlier and the fact that i was way happier a few days ago makes me feel even more unhappy about my unhappiness right now...in fact, i was so happy last few days i almost forgotten that i have 2 final exams to sit for, and now that i sorta kinda realized that i have to buck up....i'm not feeling very happy about it now...but not feeling as unhappy as a few hours ago. I wonder if i would still be unhappy or instead feel a lil happier in the next few hours, days...or maybe months because i'm kindda anticipating something happier to happen to a not very happy me but i don't normally get what i want that easily...all my life it has most often always been that the more i expect of something, the more i feel dissapointed about it but of course that cannot be applied to everything that makes me not happy...so hopefully i would be a lil happier in the coming days rather than feeling even more unhappy that i am right now, which is actually a lil better than a few hours ago....


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