the last hours

With reference to DIE or No DIE!?!

I'm still very much alive thank you.


note to self: everyone's wishing you good luck weih, even your customers ok! please buck up!

But you better not depend on LUCK so much because you know you gotta do what you gotta do michelle teh zhu-yenn! *smacks self*

Why do i deserve slapping?

Because instead of finishing up my thesis. which is due in a few more hours...

I spent my time watching movies the last three days. Crazy and i deserve slapping i know.

I watched this Stephen Chow & Leslie Cheung old comedy TWICE

Watched Leslie Cheung's Last movie on earth ONCE

Watched Evan Almighty TWICE

Watched Wanted TWICE

so that makes 7 movies. har har har har.


I've been camping out @ my hall the whole week and haven't been sleeping on me bed. I slept on the couch whenever i couldn't tahan being awake and thanks to my optical mouse + Keyboard...

I adjusted my 22 inch monitor's resolution, enlarged the font sizes, Lay on me couch and used my keyboard + Mouse from my couch that's like 4 meters away from the comp the whole week!

So lazy i know! i might take a picture of how lazy i look when doing my dreadful thesis.

Daddy's comment : Lucky we got the bigger screen right? I've never seen anyone using a comp THIS lazy.


I gotta say this, I realised listening to songs of a foreign language would work best when doing assignments. because when i'm listening to songs of languages that i understand, i tend to sing along and feel the lyrics...trying to decipher the lines and hidden meanings behind some of the songs and hence making me lose focus when doing my work.

This however, never happens when im listening to songs of languages that i don't understand because i just simply do not understand and won't bother deciphering the meanings behind their lyrics!

I listen to songs with good lyrics and i take effort to find out the meaning behind lyrics when i like a particular song. So yea, its Spanish spree for me now! Camila Camila Camila! eeks!

SHIT! I'm running outta time! but this limited time is whats fueling my semangat to ta pao this paper! slap me slap me! i had a whole month free to work on this paper.

I'm just kidding don't slap me, my baybee might bash u up hohohoho!
(sayang me baybeeeeeee...*kelian* o.o)

btw i'm gonna shamelessly promote phasionology again because we have got Pastel Tunics in store! Woot! so sweet can! only left with two pieces now hohohoho business doing good ;)

ps. my gmail notifier just indicated i have a post-it submission...wooooo

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