1 and a 1/2 years later...


guess what, i found a video of myself on youtube!

it was me giving a testimonial after attending some financial management workshop where all of us who attended played this financial game called the "rat race".

The video was uploaded almost one and a half years ago!!!!!!!! & i just found outttt about it while googling my name (don't act like you've never done it hahahha)...

*curse and swear*

after attending this workshop i was kinda forced to give a testimonial while being videod but nobootie got my consent to put it up online!!! i didn't sign no release papers yo!

I look so bodo being so lost for words, "Errrr-ing" every other second and they even cut me off halfwayyyyyyyyy...-___-

so maluuuuuuuuu...

one and a half years ago you know!

and i look horrible...O.O

talking about googling i also found this site called rapleaf or something and that site was damn freakyyyyy because it had links of all my networking sites on it and even a "profile" of myself.

My friendster, flickr, bloglog, myspace etc accounts were all linked up in with info like my age, occupation and country of origin, ALL in that profile that i NEVER created!!

some sort of online directory i supposed, its kinda scary to know things like these exist...........

*puts on sunnies and tries to disguise self*

ps. don't laugh at me in the vid k i know i sounded stupid, instead take my advice and start focusing on your LONG TERM GOAL, THE BIGGER PICTURE in anything you do yea?

*strokes imaginary beard*

maybe i should start to vlog hahaha

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