7 to 5

the first half of my day was very eventful.

come come i show u timeline ( don't bother reading if you're not interested in my mundane life lo..I've got many exits at the sidebar...btw just updated the links)

715 - 730 stone in bed...decide its about time to not stone in bed...wash up....drank coffee (the only reason why I had my energy the whole day)

800 -1000 marveled at cross cultural stories by lecturer at MainBlock.

10 - 11 ish drove to UH. Drove a minimum of 7 rounds around the hospital waiting for granny

11ish - 12ish had lunch with granny @ Sri Paandi

12 ish went by the perodua showroom to check out the Nautica. Drooled at it. Gasps at the price list.

still 12ish went by cousins place to collect some stuff. I also pee-ed there in case if you're interested.

1ish surfed around at home. Wrote a paragraph for my assignment.

2ish drove back to college for group discussion/ meeting with lecturer.

3ish drove back from college, sent group mates home and to the LRT station.

4ish almost hit an ignorant pedestrian who crossed the road in front of William's without surveying the traffic causing him and myself alot of trauma. He was rubbin his chest in fear as he stepped back while i braked.

430 received call from another passenger and drove all the way to Sunway and back home. Passenger did not pay me my cabbie fees.

5ish back home and suffering from ache-y right leg.

still 5 ish got very jealous of brother's assignments. He gets to sketch and draw all sorta shapes and patterns on Hugh Grant while i have to critic a journal. WHYYYY?!

still 5 ish decides that i will steal my brother's acrylic paint for future nail art cravings.

i wonder if my day will continue to be sooooooooo eventful with the night falls in.

*It so won't be because I'd have to stare at the comp for assignment's sake*


I needed to add in this line


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