[May 17th 2006]

its been awhile since i last posted sumthing here hahaha..i've got so much to write i dont know where to start, lets hope my memory doesn't mess up the order of whatever im about to post...first things first! i wanna out loud...shout

Happy 1st Birthday Sephantina No. 4!!!!!!

for those of you who do not know who Sephantina is, Sephantina is a squeezie man boogene gave me a year ago during our 1st month anni (u do the math) but most importantly as a temporary relief for...my boogene...but i still miss the donkee so much....no squeezie man or gigantic polar bear from Hallmark that costs 1600 bux could ever replace my donkee...sigh love him so much

-the hollywood famous stars trying to be like us-
i look really stupid in the pic but who cares?? Im HAPPY :P

okie back to bloggin...hMM im supposed to continue with PART II of my last post ahhaha..Oh before that i'd like to thank Darrel and Adam from the office for helping fix my lappy and my wireless...it's now working!!!!!!! Wee!!!

btw this is where i sit at the office..and those are the amount of data i've to enter O_O

Alright shall start updating In order of what happened in the last week. i cant remember dates.

Friday- Dinner with the kinky penguin and her furry bunny
Sunday-Mum's birthday
Monday-work, Some Seminar at Armada
Tuesday-work, MET DONKEEEEEE
Thursday-work, surprise dinner for Daniel
Saturday-MEt DONKEEEEEEEEEE , BBQ at Ian's
Met up with me donkee and then met up with Erin and Jonz for dinner. Dinner was alright but the company was...simply wonderful. Spent bout an hour standing around Donkee's car chattin/teasing girls/gossiping/joking/laughin/trying to fit into the mat rempits hangin near us after dinner. Hahaha :D

i don't remember what i did on sat

-Had lunch @ Jack's Place after church
ill put up some pics first b4 i start talking about the food


WHo Said we were done with main course hahaha

Pics from this point onwards are not edited because me is lazy (besides...they were not worth editin)

dad's whatever steak...
Brother's whatever steak...
i only remembered mum's - mixed grill

and my miserable lookin plate of fried rice, i didnt make the order btw, was too fickle to decide on what to eat so dad made the decision to order fried rice..

anyways enough pics already....time for Review
SO...The food at Jack's Place....to me and my tastebuds

SUCKS BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ive never taken such lousy western food for quite some time....the escargots were HAwwiBLE!! i think the best way to cook em is just to baked it with cheese and garlic. The steaks, however, i find the potatoes the most OK tasting one among all the crap on those plates. The fried rice- so so, could taste abit of ajinomoto though. Overall, was so dissapointed with that place...shudda went to Ittalianies instead (ive never eaten there b4 btw). So from this experience of mine dining at Jack's Place, i shall make an obviously biased conclusion that
Singaporeans can't cook Western Food, the most they can do is
Western food ala Singapore.


-After work, went with mum to this seminar, the E-code i think, @ Armada
-Seminar was quite interesting, very enlightening on how some people are actually making 50 K USD per week online while im chatting and blogging online...O_O

Nothing much except for me meetin up with my donkee and we had a great time laughing over dinner...really not much of your business ahahah so SKIPPP.

LALALALA Work Work Work. Oh was invited to a farewell dinner for some guy in the office but i didn't wanna go so mum sent me home before going to Mum's Place for the dinner. Thank goodness i didnt go to the dinner because most of my colleagues ended up with upset stomachs the next day...poor things hahahaha apparently the food were all tooooooo spicy for them to handle. Been there once but didn't really enjoy the food. Firstly cos im not a rice person, and secondly cos i don't really take much spicy food.

my colleagues (hahaha colleaguess whom i share with my mum) had a surprise birthday dinner for OUR boss. The dinner was @ Yu Jai Village at Imbi Road...Shame on You if u dont know the place..COS the food was AWESOMEEE (ahaha food again O=] ). I'll just do what i do best alright...post pics to take up space on my blog and make it hang on your comp while u are tryin to access my blog hahahaha


>>>>>>>blogger is havin some problems, cant post the rst of the pics and its already 1 -__- me need sleep so i won't have to struggle to stay awake during work like the last few days. Im so not done proofreading, editing and posting pics for this post so bear with me for awhile. >_<>

>>ADD ONS<<< style="color: rgb(255, 102, 102);">HMC peeps
@ Ian's later this day. whate more can i say, great food, awesome company, nice spot for BBQ-in, and it's times like these spent with the Hmc-ers that ill miss all the time.

sheryn and i @ BBQ

iman and i

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