[2nd May 2006]

Today was such a boring day :S got up in the afternoon and proceeded to watch the idiot box while editing pictures...the rest of my hols wont be spent like this would it? O__O i hope not.

this is what i've been spending my time on ...
the seafood platter we ( jac, vat, wen and i) had on saturday...it was...Awesome. i duno how else can i describe the meal.
its huge btw...can't see how 2 people could finish that

soo wen and i got the comfy seats ( we earned them).

The lighting of this pic was horrible...>_<

Jaclyn & Vat grinning widely...

but gave me the -_______-" look when i asked them to strike a cute pose for the cam....hahaha

We threw back all the shells of em prawns in the big old pan to take a final pic of the platter...and then tried so so hard to take a proper picture of all of us...this is take 875634/8057508903 :D

For dinner on saturday night, me ate at Karim Tandoori House (second time there) .
This was the only pic i took of the food because i was starving and the food was too tempting...

yeah so i spent most of my day editing pictures...cos i have nothing better to do...

its because of days like that i feel assignments are actually not that evil...

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