Semester 2 starts

[29th May 2006]

as expected
..... meeting back with all me funky psycho mates would result in havoc in...

i really think we shouldn't board the HELP bus at a go, all of us at one go. i have to admit i do feel a little shy at times when we make too much noise and people start staring haha but whatever it is, i missed those people and it was nice to be reunited with the whole kampung.

as expected.....meeting back with the kampung people would mean lunching at McD's.

McD's = scary food

i was prepared for this since the starting of the hols, i hadn't had any McD's for the past month....until today...where i forced myself to look straight ahead at the big ass Porridge poster in front of me and not anywhere else to the nuggRAts and cheeseBUGGERSs...and of course ordered porridge :D

as expected....Winnie was as sarcastic as everrrrrrr

but i think we kinda got used to her sarcasm so...i duno...she doesn't amuse me that much anymore :P Oh wait she still does...her magnetic white board duster...Soooo cutee. I was also trying to count the number of clocks she had in her office...note, i said i triedddd. Hmm i think there were at least 5 clocks.

as expected
....Goh was as PREDICTABLE as always

he split the clas up according to our birthdates (again) and gave us topics for discussion. Honestly speaking, ( i wrongly typed "sepaking" at first and im laughin at myself now ahahhahaha!!!) i didnt catch the names of ANY of my group members -_____- but there was this chick in my group who had *ahem* assets and was wearing an *ahem*-ly *ahem* top that revealed her *ahem* very *ahem*-ly ahahahah and best part was...she was sitting rightttt opposite me...i swear i tried not to stare at her *ahem* while talking to her ok...but...HAHA. im only human.

i couldn't concentrate throughout Goh's lecture today because (Tiffany would know how annoying i was...i'm so sorry for bugging u about my hair all the time during lecture >.<) i was so conscious about my hair. sigh i know i sound really dumb but i felt so inferior...because almost all the girls i saw today had longer hair than mine :S i know that hair grows and i know i sound soooo silly but i can't help it. Man i used to have hair, people used to be envious of my hair ( according to research ok :P). I am now envious of the hair i used to own...neyhh the hair that u envy :PPP chehhh~ sigh nvm shall just hug my donkee and everything will be alright :D (seriously)

Goh gave an example of how couples on their first date normally behave and it got me thinking of
MY first date with baybee.
so i was thinking...and thinking...and i thought harder....

i couldnt recal
l any first dates with him. :S

Firstly, every so called "date" with him seems like the FIRST, i still get sooo excited as always...and also we never really had a formal first date, but on the first day that we actually met...i don't know how to describe the feeling, but its as if i've known him all along...there weren't any weird awkward moments at all (at least for me la hehe) and i knew that i've fallen for this donkwee the moment i recognised his scent on our second date even before seeing him, not the smell of his cologne but HIS scent.

sigh. i've got a head full of curlers right now and im gona sleep with em. i hope i wont look too weird in i hope hair wont be toooooooooooooo curly :s. Good Night and make sure you wash your feet before jumping into bed.

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