Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi! *waves frantically*

I'm actually a lil hyper now. I guess it must be the sugar rush from that horrible cup of cocoa i made. I added too much water and so i couldn't add in the milk i wanted to add in...and so because of that i had to substitute fresh milk with condensed milk that made my drink so sweet. Aih. The reason why i had too much of water in my cup was because i wanted to empty the hot water in my flusk as i didn't want to waste it. Complicated, and i don't know how to describe my situation properly. yer. i is a suck blogger. My barista of a brother was never there to help either because at home, I'm always the one making the drinks for him even though he was supposedly trained in this area. lousy.

Come, let me tell you what i've been up to lately.

I've handed n thesis. HAR! you better be happy for me because i'm darn happy and hyper after 2pm of 1st Dec 2008.

so for the last week, i skipped classes to stay home and worked on my thesis

i looked like that practically the whole week. Same ol hair tied up in a bun. And i've been wearing that shirt from tiff for like so many freaking days! eh, wash...wear...wash...wear again ok? cos that shirt is darn comfy. hehehe! I'm actually wearing it again now lol *innocent*

My ass was glued to my red hot couch for the whole week but sadly, i wasn't always working on what i was supposed to. I watched a lot of tv too, caught up with some drama series and blog hopped. Things i haven't been doing alot lately. I would have gotten my thesis done like in no more than 2 days if i was really focused. as usual.

Finally got to meet my source-of-happiness after the struggle to get that dissertation done, and it was so awesome getting to spend time with him again. i missed him.

I've been singing this tune from Marry Poppin's for the last hour, It's stuck in my head

"just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, the medicine go downnnn, the medicine go down.. just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, in a most delightful way..."

but now after reading Roberta's post of how nursery rhymes contain so much of violence i've learnt to become more discerning with the lyrics of some songs...(after like what 15 years? lol!)

I'm not sure about the lyrics here but a spoonful of sugar is damn alot right?? I know they're not asking kids to take a spoonful of sugar with medicine but theres just something about the lyrics that makes me feel a lil uncomfortable..

I can vividly recall the scene where marry poppins was feeding the children medicine...i used to (actually i still do) love taking syrupy medicine because of its sweetness. My favs were...

I forgot this kids cough syrup brand that i used to take. The logo has like a face of a man..:( i hate not being to remember my childhood memories.

anyway, i love taking this too.

Who doesn't? I still get excited whenever I'm sick enough to take pei pa gou or in my language pee pee gou...hmmm i really would look forward to savouring the sweetness and the texture of this yummy cough syrup. ahhh...beautiful. But then now...i guess i should keep a look out on the sugar content of this cough syrup...must be more health conscious now that i'm quite aged already *massages own aching back*.

Didn't you know i'm suffering from premature aging?

I love this picture of me but unfortunately it was a lil too exposed hoohoo, hence the oddly placed heart.

I miss blogging la!
but i think i'm really sucking at it after not blogging for so long. It used to be a daily thing for me...:(

*odd silence*

Thats all for now =)


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