A Night of Mayhem

*puppy eyes*

So? Are you guys free on the 31st this October?

If so you have no excuse to NOT come for this very scary event hosted by HELP University College's Bachelor of Psychology Student Council!


This is not some sort of occultic event, we are not celebrating Halloween (no jack-o-lanterns, trick or treating, bon fire, black cats), not glorifying occultism and whatsoever.

The poster might be a lil disturbing to some because of the somewhat provoking words like death and bodies, but you'll see how everything would make sense in the next few weeks!

We organizers would want this to be an event open to everyone and anyone and also for guests to be entertained by some of the "best actors" in our psychology department.

come dressed up and mingle in whatever costume you like because you would be entitled to participate in the lucky draw & best costume competition if you dress up. *winks*

admission is only a mere 13 ringgit :)

so come la.....give face abit can? since i've hardly contributed to organizing any psych events and since i took soooooo much effort to design that poster up there. hee hee hee.

For non psych people who think we psychology students are mind readers, here is your only chance to come get free mind reading services from us.

comment, text, mail me if you'll be joining the mayhem alright.

[ps. the pathway of mayhem is gonna be awesome!]

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