dunno whats gotten into me these days...feeling alot less confident lately and hardly acknowledge any little things i've managed to achieve. Too much of expectations maybe...sometimes i think i'm being too hard on myself but at times i'd think again and realize i shouldn't be spoilin myself further. Hmm. Its so hard to put it into words...these feelings..i don't know how to word it when i can hardly comprehend my thoughts...scary. Every night before i go to bed i spend some amount of time thinking and thinking and i'll get all upset...thats y i stay up till i'm really sleepy and then head straight to bed, thinking i could skip the emo part. I'm good when it comes to falling asleep, in fact i'm a champion but i can't escape having to go through the emoness the next night...and the nights after. Sometimes i feel i'm too innocent and i've got too much faith in humanity....noSigh. Tonight i took a tablet. Flu medication la. because i've been sneezing crazy the whole day :( i think it should help me sleep better....hmm. Whatever.

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