Been camera hunting for theeneguebaybee the last week. He was contemplating on getting either a digicam, videocam or a DSLR but we finally settled with a digicam for now. To me, that cam is the ultimate cam whoring device! Gonna haveto experiment with it someday *puppy eyes to baybee* can?

Camera hunting was so much fun! we went hunting all the way from subang parade to 1u to ss2 till he was finally satisfied.

i couldn't get my eyes off the dSLRs on display in every single shop and took every chance to play around with em. The nikon's newest D40 seems to be quite affordable and most shops we've been to were promoting that model *prays*. Compared dSLRs between the brands and seems like Nikon's are also more in demand. Settled la! for now all i need to do is save up *squints*

argh i want i want i want i want!

Edit: just read Kennysia and guess what?! he got himself the D40. Jealous!!!!

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