random baby food craving

The rain makes 1:14 pm feel like 10 am and that is why I'm not stressing out at the fact that HALF of the day is GONE already and i have YET to pick up that book *points to textbook* and those notes *points to pile of notes* to read *puts on a nerdy look while adjusting specs*

having too much of "proper" work to do have refrained me from playing around with designing crap like what i used to enjoy doing. Was looking through my highschool sketch/rubbish book and i felt a lil...just a lil impressed by the stuff i use to doodle. Then i looked through my notes from the highschool (yes i still have some of them), and in terms of my past notes...i was very impressed.

history class was more like art class to me. gila.

one of the doodle books i used to make out of used A4s JUST for fun.

one of my kemahiran hidup assignments that i still have. I remember being praised by my not so sweet smelling teacher when i handed this in for placing the lace very "creatively"..lol

those were the days when i had so much of free time.


i find myself regressing back to the earlier stages of me life..because...

Im craving for RUSKS!!!

GWAAAAaa i waanttttt!

*snatches rusk biscuit off random baby*


CRAP. whats happening to me? I used to love eating these and would bug mummy to buy these for me...even when i was still in secondary school. =) i love biting rusks because of its texture and its faint hints of flavour....and i'm officially drooling.

While searching for baby rusks pictures, i found that apparently alot of celebs like jennifer aniston, reese witherspoon and marcia cross (BREE from Desperate Housewives!!) wenr on Baby Food Diet. Meaning, to substitute normal daily food with baby food...er...those from the lil jars.

i cannot stop lol-ing at that!


now how did i go from talkin about my highschool work to baby food again...

I never fail to amaze myself with my randomness.

btw i'm singing out loud to BSB.

ANWAY. the whole point of this post was just to rant about me feeling all bored and lacking in creativity.


yeah thats about it.


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