a sleepy person

An IQ question for the smart asses

Michelle sleeps for about 5 hours a day. Not necessarily 5 hours continuously but roughly 5 hours including naps.
She dreams 80% of the time when sleeping.

Michelle is awake about 19 out of the 24 hours in a day.
But she is mentally asleep for most of the 19 hours.
and during that time, she's probably day dreaming about becoming rich or just simply zoning out. she could even forget the gear in which her car is engaged in when driving.

Michelle is probably mentally awake for only a fraction out of the 19 hours being physically awake.
and during that few hours, she prolly spends about 2/3 of it on the internet doing unnecessary things. like disguising a blog entry of which she rants-about-having-not-enough-sleep with an IQ question.

Michelle wants to know how much of time a day she really spends resting, zoning out, being awake, being seriously alert. Basically, the pattern in which her 24 hours of a day is spent and also how this bad time management strategy she is currently employing could jeopardize her health to avoid that from happening.


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