Dreadies are a year old!

Happy First Birthdae Dreadies!!

yup its been a year since my dearest bf started wearing dreadlocks and to celebrate this 1st birthday of dreadies, i'm gonna post an entry some of the myths of dreadlocks.

because it gets quite annoying when people out there who don't know anything about dreadlocks wanna start making silly stupid comments about dreads.

Dreadlocks are dirty and disgusting.

Bullshit! Dreadlocks can be just as clean or as dirty as normal hair, it of course depends on whether or not you keep them clean -_- Contrary to popular belief, dirt and debris actually makes it hard for dreads to form, unless you wanna get dreads the lazy/dirty/disgusting/way - not wash your hair for years and have em stuck onto each other forming chunks of shit-like looking... dreads, but of course that IS NOT the most appropriate way of getting your hair dreaded.

Dreadlocks cannot be washed.

Of course it CAN be washed, stupid! any kinda hair can be washed and dreads are no different. In fact, cleanliness is an important aspect in keeping dreadlocks in good condition as mentioned above. Just like normal hair, dreads can and should be washed at least twice a week to look good. Their appearance and condition depends on the maintenance and care given to them.

Dreadlocks are only worn by druggies and those who couldn't care less about their image.

so if you're bald u cant do drugs isit? Some blondie with curls to die for cannot do drugs isit? people who make this kinds statements seriously lack critical thinking skills. About the image part...did u all know that my bf owns more hair products than me? and he spends wayyyyyyy more time working on his dreads than i do on my hair? *blushes*

Dreadlocks stink.
Try not washing your hair for a week and tell me if it stinks, stupid. U don't wash of course stink la! but if you wash your hair would it stink? no right? unless if you're washing it in pee or poop. *cannotstandstupidpeople*

Having dreadlocks is a sign of devil worshipping.

Goodness!!! I can't say i know alot but this statement is utter bullshit. From the research that i've done, there seems to be nooo relation of dreadlocks and devil worshipping. In fact, some people in the olden days used to wear dreads to for spiritual purposes, "as a part of their vow or covenant of purity they would enter into with God" (dreadlocks.org, 2006).

As far as i know, Bob Marley was the one who introduced Dreadlocks to most of us (as in when people think of dreadlocks, they go... Bob Marley!)...and he praises God in his songs, taking scriptures from the bible as lyrics.

Whatever it is, i always believed that its what inside us that really matters when it comes to our personal relationship with God.

Found this article that pretty much summarizes all the research that i've done about this topic and i totally agree with this

"Dreadlocks or no dreadlocks, the soul of the living being is what counts, everything else is decoration" (dreadlock.org, 2006).

Does anyone have anything smart to say about this topic? Please correct me if im wrong.

*huggles baybee with a sense of achievement* did i miss out on anything?

I'd like to add that dreads bring out the musician in him. hehehe *squeals at baybee's gayaness*

And baybee says....

"Dreadlocks is not just a hairstyle, it's a lifestyle. It's not a hairstyle that comes overnight .. Or using other people's hair and glueing the shit to your own (known as extension) and saying it's dreads.

There are more meaning to Dreads then just having it on ur head and thinking "oh i look cool !" .. there are much more to just carrying Dreads around, certain physical practises of Rhastafari comes to mind, example : Patience.

So if anybody wants to get Dreads just to look cool, you might as well not do it... posers." (San, 2006)

while i say....if u wanna get dreads to look cool? head straight down to the nearby salon, get a clean clean shave or dye your head bright pink! mohawk also quite cool looking whut......HAHAHHAHA...-_-"

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