censor the fucks

been a lil lazy lately with this blog. Life has been pretty blah and there's nothing much worth blogging about.


Grandma woke me up around 7 today...

Where are your keys?? i lost mine?? where? where?
huhh?? later la...
I need to go now!!!
my baggg....

She went to A famosa today with her friends.

yeah i know. she's more happening than me.

i got back into bed and was dreaming away today until there was this postman knocking on my door around 10. actually thought the knocking was from my dream...and by the time i got to my door, i heard the sound of his motor vroOoming away. Oops.

got back to my bed and not long after that and a msg came in.

are u awake and is leo back?

no and no.

then i continued sleeping till bout 12. got up and spent the whole day lazing around the house....

here are some of the pics in my cam...

pics from Sheryn's Birthday Party

Yup yup...spotlights on Sheryn alright. She was the Queen of the night.

Didn't take much pics this year, not like last year when everyone was much Higher and crazier.

Most of the pics taken that night were pretty awful...

because i was In the pics taken...not taking most of the pics ..ngehehe

This is a better one of the Glamours.

Next, camwhoring pics of weeblethehotbf and maobletheadorablegf

mwahaha love the lighting of this pic.

seee.... the perks of having a hotdonkeeposerbf who loves cam whoring just as much as i do. Rwar! *bites donkee*

Watched the Departed.

There were so many BIG names featured in this movie so i was excited to watch it. Leonardo Dicaprio is an awesome actor, loved his acting in the Aviator and this was not bad too. One thing i noticed, Matt Damon and him were kinda like in love with the same woman but they only chose Leo to film the Lurvee scene with her, when she is supposed to be Matt's official Gf in the movie. I bet thats cause Leo is more of Pro in Lurve scenes compared to Matt...i never recalled watching any Leonaro Dicaprio movie without Lurvee scenes of him and some other woman. Oh and i also realised Matt Damon's head is only as wide as his neck. haha. Jack Nicholson was awesome too as usual.

"The word "fuck" and its derivatives are said 237 times throughout the film" (imdb.com, 2006)... and the Malaysian Film Censorship Board were soo damn good with details they made sure we hear the more civilised version of that word (nothing) those 237 times that word was mentioned. So touching to know that the censorship board cares so much for the morality of Malaysians. See, cause according to them, if we're not exposed to those awfully vulgar words...we won't know about them nor use them.

Its like a theory they created. Something similar to the "tabula rasa" theory, which states that every human enters this world in a "blank" state and we then pick up whatever culture, attitudes, laadeedaa from the world.

Senserkan penggunaan "Fuck" dalam filem-filem Barat = Masyarakat terlindung daripada pengaruh Barat yang tidak sihat = Penggunaan bahasa kasar tidak akan dibelajari = Masalah dan issue-issue sosial akan kurang = Masyarakat Malaysia akan lebih bermoral.


(how to say censor in Bm?...nvm they do this all the time right? creating odd spelling-ed english words and call them bahasa Melayu)

back to the movie,

it was cool despite all the censoring of the "fucks" and the pancungness following the make out scenes also....

UNTIL the ending. (to tell or not to tell?.....nvm everyone who intends to watch or who have watched it deserves(ed) to be pancung-ed)

Lets justs say i heard alot of "WHAT THE FUCKs!?!?!" at the end.

(alamak! matlamat Badan Censorship Filem tidak dapat dicapai! dan ehfot-ehfot [shit, how to say effort in BM?] yang telah diletakkan dalam "Senseran" filem ini telah disia-siakan.)


need to get hold of Infernal Affairs 1, 2 & 3. The original movie should be better and hopefully not so pancung-ing.

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