the materialistic side of me

grandma : how come u never refill the toilet paper in the loo?
me: lalala~ *pretends not to listen*

mum: why can't you all simply throw away the empty toilet paper plastic wraps in the store room when the rolls run out?
grandma: must be her la!! *points to me*
me: but u all always complain that i never refill the toilet paper? so how can it be me?!?!
mum & grandma: if not you then who else!?

-_- -_- -_- -_- -_- -_-

i think i'm sick.

been sneezing the whole day thanks to dustynewGardens.

walking around Gardens gave me a lil insight. that is = I"ve gotta be filthy rich in the future la. everything there is so expensive. The brands there are all squeal-able material. (stuff that will make me go omgomgomgomgomg). I fell in love with that outfit on the mannequin @ Ted Baker. and that stupid Coach bag...and those shoes from the brands @ Robinsons. ahhhh i am so depressed.

i owe a few people some tags. will get back to that when i fix that leaking pipe nose of mine.

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