figures. last day.


stupid figures.

They make u feel bad if they look bad.

looking at those ugwee figures were depressing *sigh*

*smacks self*

think u so smart can go sit for exam without even studying the textbook?

Stupid! procrastinator.

Besides those figures, my blog hits are also becoming depressing. lol.


Today was the last day of volunteering work at somewhere on earth.

My left arm got licked and kissed by that little mischief. but besides that, he was behaving himself today =)

he was so adorable when i was trying to teach him some sign language.

hah! yes i was teaching...simple ones though...

you know like elephants? *signs elephant*

birds? *signs bird*

rabbits? *signs rabbit*

hahaha damn pro right??? *thick skin*

Btw the program coordinators got one of the girls to draw portraits of grace n myself. aww....

but we didnt't get to keep them. haha

so this is grace holding up her portrait

and this is some female who's always imitating me holding up her portrait.


Now spot the difference!

hahaha, so apparently we look kinda alike.

*stares at the clock....gasps and goes "oh no! its time for bed!"*

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