Convocation 2010

The rest of my psycho peeps have officially graduated last weekend. I was really looking forward to their convocation because I miss seeing these people I used to see almost everyday in lectures.

We went through all the struggles as students dying (studying) hahaha

Congratulations guys! I'm proud of you! All of you!

Yips! I haven't seen you in ages. Why are you hiding up North? Come work in KL! :p

Mike, I always go to him to advice. Mike is a good counselor and he knows how to make people feel good when you talk to him. (Sounded a little wrong hmm)

Hua Fu & Kok Wui. These two are some of the most active peeps in the department. The student council presidents, peer support group, mentoring malaysia...they seem to be involved in all the clubs around. Smart guys. But annoying. Haha

Daniel the funny guy, always fun to have him around. He's got a really unique and contagious laugh. Omg I think I still have his book I borrowed years back. T_T

This pretty little girl, look at her all grown up already. She was so tiny then!
Btw, her name is Esther and she belongs to Roberta.

Congratulations dear!

Alot more photos but those will have to wait until I'm in the mood to continue posting up pics.


shareen said... stayed until its empty O.o

Michelle Zyenn Teh said...

(Shareen) Hi babe! I actually arrived pretty late that day hahaha so yeah everywhere was pretty empty >.<

sleepycarrot said...

OMG can't believe I'm only seeing this post for the first time now in 2012! I must be VERY BLOG-DATED!!! Here's a very belated thanks! :P

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