Ascent says I should be smelling like...

How I should smell.

If you've been reading my blog or you know me long enough, you would know how sensitive I am to smell.

I have a fear of bad smelling people and with that I obviously expect myself to smell good all the time. I carry mints with me all the time, I have an additional bottle of EDT on my desk and also carry miniature perfume in my bag with me.

While everyone else was busy working, I popped by the Ascent event with a few of my colleagues to see whats it all about earlier today.

Ascent, is all about helping you find a fragrance that suits you, your perfume personality. I find this sort of program really interesting because I do find it difficult to purchase a bottle of perfume. There's so many brands and scents around, how do you people choose?

Based on popularity? The design of the bottle?

I find it a struggle to get myself a fragrance that is not only something I like but more importantly suits my personality to help me *ahem* present myself *ahem* more appropriately in my erm daily life.

Anyway, the event was packed with beautiful people.

Spotted a few local celebs there as well.

Awesome finger food from DOME was served throughout the event.

I was there with Nicholas!

and David the ladies man..

See what I mean?

Oh Iza aka ThePinkStilettos was also there with her sister.

After a little mingling, William introduced Ascent to the guests. This was when I found out that I was not at a launch of a new fragrance but a program to match your fragrance to your personality.

William was sharing how technology has made this whole program such a breeze to carry out. Basically, Ascent developed an iPhone App to match your personality to the type of fragrance out there that suits you, this is all pretty new to me. I'm only familiar with the old school way of sniffing perfume after perfume with coffee bean intervals when it comes to buying perfumes.

No need for the old school way no more, everything could be settled with the iPhone application!

Pretty Liza was there to guide me through this step by step process of finding my perfume personality.

My results!

I'm not gonna share how the process is, go try it yourself at one of the Ascent booths available at Parkson Pavilion KL from 29th April to 5th May 2010!

My perfume personality is Seductive, apparently.

*Flips hair*

After finding out our perfume personality, I was handed the perfume that suits my personality! I was so happy because I didn't expect them to give us each a whole bottle of perfume and also because that is the fragrance I've been wanting to get since the dinosaurs were still around. *tears*

Nicholas got his bottle as well and proceeded to strike a seductive pose with it.

By the way, I should be smelling like DKNY's be delicious in Fresh Blossom!

Yummy Yummy been wanting this for so long!

So yummy I could just nom it. heeee

So now I know my perfume personality and how I should be smelling like. *winks*

I have something else I want to talk about fragrances. Any of you heard of not giving perfume to your partner as a gift? I forgot who advised me about this when I was looking for a present few years back. I have a bottle of EDT I bought for my bf then and it is still sitting on my desk till today because I came across this myth. Apparently it will sort of distort your relationship if you buy your partner perfume? I don't know what kinda myth is this but a few of my psycho friends and i deduced that it could be related to pheromones.

Reason being you are attracted to your partner by pheromones and buying them perfume would sort of alter the way they smell and hence, interfering with that attraction between you and your partner? Anyone care to correct me if I'm wrong? I think I am cos I'm simply yakking away without googling. haha!

Have nice smelling day y'all!


陳一豪 said...

Hmmm does it make abalone smell nice wtf.

Michelle Zyenn Teh said...

I don't know about that but I do know I smell nicer than abalone. Haha!

Jester said...

Wtf Yee Hou...

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