donkeements.empty HELP carpark

when u get too sick of reading journals. what do u do?

people like me will start renaming folders and replacing boring ol windows icons.


btw i created history (for myself) by being the first car to reach HELP's car park on a Monday morning (last last week).

i left home at 630 for a 830 class. I was anxious cos i had a presentation at 830 and i kept arriving late even when leaving my place at 730.... so since i was up and ready to leave the house, i left thaaaaaat early.


Reached college at 650.

thats right, it only took me 10 minutes! Loved every part of the journey, the weather was perfect and roads were perfect.....even the car park was perfect.

totally empty.

as time passes....the cars slowly rolled in.


people who reach early really make use of their privilege of selecting parking lots. so cute.

so much work to do so little time. so many things to get so little moolah.

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