i almost forgot i had a blog

i was so stressed up the past few days. The diarrhea was not stopping after a whole week and i was cracking my head trying to figure out how to continue those assignments. Sort of got that figured out for now. But why is it i still can't sleep and end up here typin on my phone in bed again? Btw I tell you gadgets are the coolest things on earth! Hmm i think i'm startin to develop road rage..some road users are just so annoying but then again i'm sure hundreds of other drivers out there think the same of me. But i got my expired P stuck on my ride so i've got excuses. Besides that, i'm kinda enjoyin it. As in driving. Ho ho ho bet you'd never expect to hear that comin from me! Haha!

My min told me that i can't put on an angry face...i think she's probably the first person to tell me that. Lol! I always thought that i have some angry arrogant look plastered on me face according to other sources..that r prolly not that reliable :p

I just realized i use probably alot.

Seems like i've typed damn alot...bout time to sleep now. Thanks for reading. :)

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