rollers, bendies and moo moo ice cream

was looking through some old picture (I've been very nostalgic lately haha) and i was missing my curly hair!

thus after washing my locks today.....

presenting to u aunty teh

stuff a ciggie in my mouth and i'll look just like that landlady from Stephen Chow's KungFu Hustle



btw i think i need one those hair nets like the one she's wearing.

my hair was a bit messy because i actually slept with the rollers and bendies (i do not know their actual names)....until i got waken up by



but that was okay because it was time for me to wake up and continue working on my asses anyways.

I'll be having a sore neck next morning because i plan to sleep with those rollers and bendies.

wonder how will my hair turn out to be tmr


on a completely different note.


and.............our poster is the bomb!

but its so messy erghh and it looks like it's gonna fall off *grumbles*

it's the bomb!

one thing i learn today and it is to talk so much until your lecturer can't question you further about your topic.



one more thing,

I've been very addicted to these Moo ice creams.

its soooooooo good and I had 2 last week.

I have one more in my fridge now and I'm contemplating to take it.....


lastly, what on earth am i doing here?!?!?!?!

[edit : oh my skin in the first pic O___________O]

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