Picture rights

I apologize beforehand if you feel unhappy about what I'm about to say. This is not meant for anyone in particular okeee

I always get bugged for pictures because I'm kinda the one carrying my camera around. Its not that I don't want to be sending pictures to others but to me pictures of poor quality (according to my standards) being sent off to other people and them posting it up does not make me happy at all. I'm a perfectionist in that way cos I have standards for a good picture. I would rather take time & effort to screen through and touch up whatever that needs to be touched up before sending them off because I'm still lacking skills in photo taking or someone else using my camera to snap pics are not that skillful. That is why it takes time, please understand.

Another thing I'm not too crazy about are people taking the pictures of my camera, posting them up wherever and not giving me credit for it. I mean isn't it basic manners to give credit when credit is due? That's also why I would take the effort to watermark my pictures because of the time & effort I spent making it look better since I sometimes don't get the recognition of taking certain pictures. Some might call me selfish or whatever for being this way but I'm pretty particular in this.
Heh! *peace peace*

For now I'm working on the pictures from my graduation first, didn't take much pictures of that event as it was pretty inconvenient since this time around I'm not the one actually taking the picture.

I'm envious that baybee has got some nice pictures of his graduation for example this one

taken with his whole batch of friends. If only the four of us graduated with more of our friends.

Random picture of the day..

Do these look familiar to you?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Got these picture from my brother's phone. These were the cocktail sausages I prepared for Bpsych's Halloween event last year! Might give you a lil inspiration to jazz up your plate if you're only eating plain ol cocktail sausages. Just lightly slit the ends a lil before steaming the sausages and they will turn out like this! Try slitting different patterns its fun!

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