sorry i haven't been replying your comments dear ppl who still layan this blog hehehe :) will get to it... I blog more often using my phone these days so i get alot of problems leaving messages on chatboxes or commenting from this super small 1.5 x 2 inch display. Lol!

Today i'm not so emo already because i was busy running around meeting people. So i guess i can conclude that not being productive and lacking in human communication is the main course of my low self esteem. (well u dont have to be a psych grad to figure that out haha)

But what i'm concern is how will be making the choices that are placed in front of me. Should i go for something rewarding materially or more psychologically? something totally new and unexpected to see how i would fair? Or something that is within my comfort zone...

are u ready for a challenge lil missy?

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