the 19th birthday was lovely. First of all, i would like to say a big big

thank you!!!

to all of those who remembered and for the wishes. =) So sweet of you guys. Theres so many more Thank yous i want to say right here.

To Vern May, Tiffany, Adelene, Sheryn, Ming Zi, Grace, Mike, Yien and Pek Wah, Loved the gifts and thanks for spending time with me on that day. Lunch @ Sushi King was *thumbs up* for me...Haven't had so much of sushi since Jogoya *flashback and sighs* so thank you all for selecting Sushi King for lunch *winks* Thank u all also for the birthday song singing marathon while hanging outside Sushi King and walking around MV...so cute la u people *blushes* :P Thanks also for the surprise *winks* hahaha it was really unexpected but thank goodness i didn't react tooooooooooooooooo memalu-fyingly this time :P Love u guys.

Besides that, me would love to thank baybeee for making this birthday extremely memorable to me *huggies* sigh. It would take me forever to start thanking you here but only u would know what I'm thanking u for *squeeze* love u soo much

Today was winnie's (my lecturer's) birthday and there was a mini-celebration during class. Her candle blowing skills were slightly off hahaha!! nayh but it wasn't because of her skills, it was the candle!! y' know the type that won't go off no matter how hard u try to blow it off?? Anyways her candle incident was so cute!! it made me think of my candle incident too hahhaa XD she got to blow the "trick" candle, i got to blow the ciggie lighter of baybee's car!! Thats cause the sweetest donkee of mine used his ciggie ligther in the car as a candle...so schweetttttt

Mum bought cakes and loads more of other pastries from Sheraton that day..but i feel awful Firstly because i only got to cut my cake the next day as i got home pretty late and i didn't get to celebrate my birthday with my family on my actual birthdate even though we did sorta celebrated it on Sunday. Tried to make it up to them by buying them pizzas from Marco's the day after my birthday for dinner though *grins*

my beautiful cake

super adorable puffs

The one i love and me

ahhh supposed to be finishing up my assignments right now but spent a few minutes blogging about this to take my mind off the stressssss =(( sigh, better get back to work while I'm still wide awake....*hits the publish button on blogger and heads back to boring microsoft words*

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